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    Looks like the best profession so far. Especially with the lore included I'm sure I'll love it.

    Rewards look cool too, though I find it unfair to the Scarab Lords if everyone can ride bug battle tanks outside Ahn'Qiraj. Could be that it isn't the final model, and I really hope so. Make something unique for this unique profession instead of re-using.

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    it will most likely remain the original, as I would think the new one has a different item id number.

    I think the Qiraji mount is just a place holder right now, although I guess you could call that color Ultramarine.
    I'm really tired of people complaining about the Scarab Lord, ours transfered and in addition to that no longer plays. I don't lodge a complaint with Blizz that 1) our realm did not bug when patch 3.0.2 was released, and the bug closed the gates, and you were once again able to do this quest and the 10 Hour War. All related quests were also made available, however, you did not have to gather supplies. and 2)Guilds that farmed thousands of silithids,hundreds of dragons, dozens of MC creatures, thousands of gold worth of mats got nothing at all but one person with a mount and a title(if you were really lucky, perhaps more than one in the 10 hours you had).

    I've wanted to be able to ride a battle tank outside of AQ ever since I got my first one in AQ, so as one of the remaining people who actually did the work for that quest chain....congrats if you're someone who got it the legit and horrible way, /jealous if you managed to exploit the 3.0.2 bug, and please stop kicking the dead legendary horse, it's turned into mashed horse and there's a whole pile of dead horses you can beat about other ridiculous complaints.

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    This definitely looks like a fun secondary profession.

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    those are items, that eventually will be very common. Nice way to go to make reskins of old, rare items to be sure nobody has special stuff anymore. Definitely sucks in my opinion.

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    "There has only ever been, only ever will Azshara."

    Tough luck Bolvar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valleera View Post
    Those BoA items look fun, unfortunately I can't see them all due to a commercial banner stickied to the forum right over it :|
    Use noscript and adblock plus? o_O No ads will bother you then.

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    a personal request boub: the 2000 honor BoA tokens you can buy with stone keepers shards, what happens to them?

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    Arms Rotation
    The Arms rotation is Rend, Colossus Smash, Mortal Strike and Slam, with Overpower and additional Colossus Smash procs, and Heroic Strike as a rage dump. (Source)

    OH FFS! What's with this Rotation? Lower it! Other classes is a 2-3button rotation....

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    Is this a joke?
    They are giving out the AQ mount? Oo
    What's next, us Engineers being able to make Mimiron's head?

    This is such a stupid move.
    Btw, AQ made 10man, no one will ever go there ever again.

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    sweet baby jesus...

    Archaeology: Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds
    According to your research, this great weapon was one of the many treasures of Hakkar the Soulflayer in Zul'Gurub. Hakkar was defeated years ago and this sword passed through the hands of many powerful warriors and paladins before apparently becoming sundered. It is remarkable that you have been able to reforge it, but also a little troubling that if the Destroyer of Worlds has returned, PERHAPS THE SOULFLAYER IS NOT FAR BEHIND.


    ZG as a cata raid!? yes please!

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    Can't wait to start on Archaeology, really looks like a lot of fun. Idea taken from FF7?

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    Archaeology looks interesting, can't wait to get started.

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    Quote Originally Posted by edw View Post
    hmm how dose the epic BoA weapons work ... i mean you can put a epic lvl 1 item on your alt or what?
    No, They have iLVLs if you look. Treat it like a heirloom item just more epic lol. You get it with your mage toon who has max arch. You then send to your pally to use as a opening ret weapon at lvl 85. Then yous end it from him to your warrior for him to use at 85. Or you can sell them. I think not 100% sure on that one though

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    20 secs is indeed short. :/

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    I am quite sad because archeology's level can't be scaled with player's level. I always do synchronized leveling of chars and all professions (75 skill @ level 5, 150 skill @ level 10, 225 skill @ level 20,..., 450 skill @ level 65) and now, it seems, this can't be possible with archeology.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonTargaryen View Post
    Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds
    Binds to account
    Two-Hand Sword
    1658 - 3079 Damage Speed 3.80
    (623.3 damage per second)
    +374 Strength
    +512 Stamina
    Durability 120 / 120
    Requires Level 85
    Item Level 359
    Equip: Improves critical strike rating by 228.
    Equip: Improves hit rating by 228.

    Hunter weapon.
    I love u <3 god, the rant back then.
    Was the same with Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood

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    Question is : Do we grab the archeology straight away before levelling or carry on levelling then pick it up

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    As much as the older dungeons were actually fun & challenging, please stop bringing them back as 'new' content :|

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    4.0.1 = System changes
    4.0.3 = Content changes

    Wheres 4.0.2? o_0

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puro View Post
    Is this a joke?
    They are giving out the AQ mount? Oo
    What's next, us Engineers being able to make Mimiron's head?

    This is such a stupid move.
    Btw, AQ made 10man, no one will ever go there ever again.
    AQ20 can be 2 manned right now so lowering the top end to 10 people has 0 effect on anything. Also, archaeology sounds hard to level and the mount will be a very rare artifact so all the doom and gloomers are blowing things WAY out of proportion.

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