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    What to play

    I've had my XBOX 360 since 2007 and I've got 3 games for it. GTA 4, Oblivion and Red Dead redemption. GTA won't work, I've played Oblivion so much looking at it again would make me want to vomit and I'm sick of Red dead too. I've got no other games on my computer that I want to play either... I was going to download Runes of Magic but it looks retarded so I'm not doing that either. What should I play?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Respen
    I was very disappointed in the screenshots. I usually base my entire gaming experience around ground textures and so far it seems like Cata will be totally unplayable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caradinist View Post
    I didn't see that! But just what I was looking for, thank you sir.

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