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    Help with H Argus the Unmaker macro

    Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster.

    I belong in a casual guild, and we have not downed Argus on heroic yet. We're in no rush!

    However, I did join a pug the other day to see the differences. In phase 3 the tanks need to pick up two adds. I have a really hard time picking out the Blades of Eternal add - i just visually find it hard to see, especially when he spawns at another location.

    Is there a macro that i can spam to pick this guy up?

    thank you.

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    No, he still has the same name. The best advice I can offer is a mouse-over taunt macro.

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    Use the Scan Enemy Target Hold feature in Keybindings. Our MT swears by it and helps in other situations as well.

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