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    Death and Decay Weakaura help

    How would I go about creating a weakaura for Death and Decay that shows an icon when it is active and displays the timer (%p)? It's not a buff on me (although there is a buff associated with Unholy), and I don't care if any target is currently debuffed with it. I am more interested in tracking the progress of the spell regardless if anything is standing in it.

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    In your trigger tab use this:

    Trigger: event
    Event: Combat Log
    Message prefix: Spell
    Message suffix: Cast Success
    Source unit: Player
    Spell name: Death and decay (or you can use spell id, doesnt matter which one)
    Hide: 10s (duration of dnd)

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    If it works like paladin's consecration, it's classified as a totem.

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