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    Survey of gaming habits

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    Atleast in our university these kinds of studies hold no value.

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    Hell never read any replys here. He just created the account to advertise the survey. He has done the same on several other sites.

    I hate when people come here to spam advertise.
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    Why wouldnt we read replys? >.<

    All we want is a fair amount of people to answer it but it would seem that people are to busy to take 1 min out of their day to help someone out.

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    You went about it in the wrong way and expecting everyone here to drop what they are doing to fill out your survey is very naive. And like Howdyho said, any university that holds value on these surveys is a poor university. These surveys are too easy to falsify giving a margin of error of +/-100%, making it useless. Good luck to you on your project though.

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    If I was to conduct a survey I would conduct it in my own school. And if you want an international study you could always use your university's international relations to conduct the same study in other countries. In our school we can simply give the queries to the teachers and make them make the student fill it out during their classes.

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