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    Quartermaster Locations

    I took the time today to put together some of the known Cataclysm info for available vendors and their locations, as this will become handy in the future.... Thanks to some of you that helped me earlier.

    Here is the information we know for the 3 factions that have Quartermaster in the game so far:
    Faction: Therazane
    Location: Deepholm – Therazane’s Throne
    Quartermaster: D’Lom the Collector

    Faction: Ramkahen
    Location: Uldum -Ramkahen
    Quartermaster: Blacksmith Abasi

    Faction: Baradin’s Wardens (Tol Barad)
    Location: Tol Barad Peninsula -The Alliance Outpost here
    Quartermaster: Brazie

    The Horde side of Tol Barad is in as well.

    There are other factions as well, they are:
    Guardians of Hyjal
    Wildhammer (A)
    Dragonmaw (H)
    Earthen Ring (H & A)

    Emblem Vendors are not in yet.

    I don't think I missed anything, but if I did, please tell me what I missed and where the Quartermaster is and what side it is for (or both).

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    In the latest build, other quartermasters have been added:
    Guardians of Hyjal - Nordrassil, Mount Hyjal
    Dragonmaw - Bloodgulch, Twilight Highlands
    Earthen Ring - Silver Tide Hollow, Shimmering Expanse

    I don't play Alliance so I have no idea where Wildhammer one is
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    This pic gave me a interesting theory.
    Could the next Hero Class be the Warden?
    Paladins are Cool Now?
    What happen to Kalgan?

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