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    I listened to some. Nothing that overly impressive, the song I really liked was "The Dog Days are Over".

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    Listen to her people

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    I just recently started listening to her, and I'm really enjoying what I have so far. Completely blown away by her voice. She's one of the very, very few artists that I've heard that are actually better live than on their recording.

    I really like Cosmic Love the most right now... but I found a cover of Postcards From Italy that she does, and it's really good. A lot better than Beruits version imho.

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    Friend of mine introduced me to her, and she's quite amazing. She has an incredible voice, and she's beautiful :3
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    Love her. Such an amazing voice and different feel to her music.

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    Just recently started listening to her, she's awesome. I wish more people like her got mainstream attention, because crappy hip hop beats and bland vocals just aren't cutting it for me.

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    Never heard of them. The only way i hear of this new pop music is by an occasional (and 100% of the time not my choice) listening to the local pop station, and all they play is jason derulo, iaz, and katy perry.
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    Incredibly talented, definitely need more people like her to become the norm like Badpaladin said.

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    I'll admit she's very talented but I just don't really care for it to much.

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    Ive watched the dog days are over live, think it was on MTVs World Stage show, she sings great.
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    This is a song from the album 'Plans' that she recorded with a band called Ashok in 2007. She's featured heavily during the first half. One of my favourite songs by her.

    And the earliest version of 'Kiss with a Fist' while in Ashok. Back then, the song was called 'Happy Slap'. I actually prefer this rendition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Relicra View Post
    Hmm I don't know what it is, she can sing and the music isn't bad, but for some reason i just cannot stand her
    I feel ya, probably because commercials use her songs to death.

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    I love her. Saw her on the VMA I think it was, but I didn't give her a serious listen until about three months ago. And without exaggeration she was the only thing I listened to for about the next two months. My favorite has to be "Blinding" by far.

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    After I got lungs for Christmas a few years back It's been my #1 album.

    Love her hair too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Longview View Post
    I listened to (and quite enjoyed) their (her?) EP A Lot Of Love. A Lot Of Blood. I never got around to listen to the full album, though. Added to listening queue.
    The LP is quite a bit better. She's got some fantastic goddamn vocals, especially Girl With One Eye. Talk about a creepy song.

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    If you haven't heard the first song from the new album and preordered the second release, well, your loss, but here's a link:

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    Lungs is an incredible album, I hope the new one will be even better though
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    Also: the new album is out soon, get it now! NOW!


    Why are you reading this when you could be preordering the alubm?
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