View Poll Results: Which proff will your mage / warlock be in cata?

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  • Blacksmithing

    7 10.61%
  • Tailoring

    17 25.76%
  • Leatherworking

    4 6.06%
  • Engineering

    23 34.85%
  • Alchemy

    14 21.21%
  • Enchanting

    25 37.88%
  • Inscription

    14 21.21%
  • Jewelcrafting

    22 33.33%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Which proff(s) will exceed in Cata?

    Hey hey,
    I haven't been looking much into proffessions - I've been more focused on class changes, seeing as I am going to roll a new class around cata. I have been farming gold and generally preparing for it on what I'd like to describe as a "casual" level - I don't have flasks etc etc to make it that much quicker..
    Anyway, I was wondering about the following:
    I have narrowed it down to either mage or warlock, which is basicly because I don't have much (almost no) experience with them. I thought I'd start to gather some materials for the future proffesions, but I have no idea about which one to pick..

    So, long story short: Which proffession do YOU think will exceed for a warlock / mage in cataclysm?

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    Don't believe Professions are finalized yet so I wouldn't expect anyone to give anything more than an opinion based answer.

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    Well, looking at the Compilation: Profession Lists by loop not defined, it seems that quite a few of the proffession bonuses such as cloak enchants for tailoring, ring enchants for enchanting etc. are in the files..
    Of course, these are subject to change like everything else, but an experience warlock / mage could probably pick one over the other or at least have an idea of which one they'd prefer over the others.

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    Guys, mind commenting on why you took X over Y? :P

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    The bonuses each prof gets will likely be almost, if not exactly the same in Cata, similar to the way they work in LK. The main differences being how much money you can make/save from the profession, and any secondary benefits they might bring, like the alchemist potion for healers occasionally giving a ton more mana back than a regular potion.

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    Well im hoping engi is going to be fun still for my mage. have not leveled a second proff yet for it. Cant decide between JC or something else.

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    Simple answer?Herbalism+Engineering/Enchanting/JC.Depends on whether Engi gets haste trinket hand enchants or not in Cata.Herbalism is a no-brainer though.

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    i don't really care which proffs are better as my alt in cata will be herb/mining, dk would be JC/BS and lock inscription/alch

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    I just have a max level of every profession (between all my toons) so I don't have to choose. It also helps with making gold :P
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    Alchy for the mount and inscription for the reciepes^^

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