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    Pokemon Black and White.(spoilers)(like major spoilers)

    Black and White are out! the games are being cracked and the information is being slowly leaked!
    http://pokebeach.com/news/0910/black...emon/list.html link to all the new pokes.
    as you may or may not know, there are no past gens in B+W, so these are all that you get. i have a few thoughts on them...

    #559+560=.looks like a 2 yr old shit on a pencil and drew with his teeth. WHAT MAKES THEM DARK-FIGHTING?!?!?
    #582-584=ok...icecream? come on we need moar yetis....not freakin vanilla icecream >.>
    #590+591=wut? how do they even remotley deserve to be pokemon?
    #593=not so much bad, but funny as hell. he looks exactly like the pringles guy lawl
    #618=looks like a sphincter shitting out a load with corn in it
    every legendary except mascots+genosect and victini=loads of ass smothered in shit covered in vomit wrapped in piss and topped with spoiled milk. the flying ones use the exact same model and just look bad in general. the fighting trio looks like horses and a bull that came out of the womb with its head between its legs.

    The gym leaders/e4/champions pokemon are way to low level. ill post their types and highest level.


    waaaaaaaaaay to big of a jump from e4 to champ. plus way to low level for gyms. im afaid that im going to be overleveled for each gym. that was my biggest fear about this game, and it came true. w2g gamefreak....

    other than that, it looks all fine. i have no other complaint about the rest. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFgFoomoI40 creepy champion theme ftw. still has nothing on gold/silvers though http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWokB4Ec5Og

    TL;DR. good game small flaws. 4.5/5

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    Good. God.

    The Pokemon they come up with just get uglier and more pathetic with each consecutive generation. It's really quite sad looking at most of these. Some wouldn't actually be that bad were it not for the horrid coloring they used for them.


    There is now officially a Pokemon called Vuljina? Oh lordy.
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    This concretes my belief that Pokemon Colosseum, and its sequel, was the last good Pokemon game.
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    Wtf is up with the fighting pokemon? Since when did pokemon in the wild wear karate suits and hold frigin shit in there hands.

    Probably the worst new line of pokemon ever...they look horrible, one of the new bird pokemon look exactly like the previous gen new pokemon.

    i was going to buy this at one point but screw this lol

    Pokemon is now dead.
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    Nintendo started complaining.. so all the new pictures are gone.

    The ice-cream cone Pokemon makes me ragequit though, I mean, It's LITERALLY an ice-cream cone.

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    The new pokemon are horrible, but I've seen that the story and interaction with the world is greater than any other game in the series. Honestly, I'll just catch some of the old pokemon (they are still obtainable through special means) and play through that way

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    Worst of all this apparently was the top selling pokemon game in Japan for the opening, nintendo is now out to take over the world and is winning. Blizzard better do something, even though Activision is dragging them down.

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    Top selling of the games? wtf wow.. not to sure what to say.

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