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    List of Glyph changes

    Glyphs removed:
    Armor Vellum III
    Armor Vellum II
    Armor Vellum
    Weapon Vellum III
    Weapon Vellum II
    Weapon Vellum
    Glyph of Dark Death
    Glyph of Living Bomb
    Glyph of Water Elemental
    Glyph of Remove Curse
    Glyph of Fire Blast
    Glyph of Mage Armor
    Glyph of Mana Gem
    Glyph of Eternal Water
    Glyph of Scorch
    Glyph of Frost Ward
    Glyph of Ice Armor
    Glyph of Fire Ward
    Glyph of Arcane Explosion
    Glyph of Frost Armor
    Glyph of Divine Storm
    Glyph of Shield of Righteousness
    Glyph of Avenging Wrath
    Glyph of Avenger's Shield
    Glyph of Seal of Righteousness
    Glyph of Seal of Vengeance
    Glyph of Seal of Wisdom
    Glyph of Seal of Light
    Glyph of Seal of Command
    Glyph of Flash of Light
    Glyph of Righteous Defense
    Glyph of the Wise
    Glyph of Holy Light
    Glyph of Sense Undead
    Glyph of Spiritual Attunement
    Glyph of Blessing of Wisdom
    Glyph of Hunger for Blood
    Glyph of Vigor
    Glyph of Ghostly Strike
    Glyph of Vanish
    Glyph of Mana Tide Totem
    Glyph of Lava
    Glyph of Water Mastery
    Glyph of Totem of Wrath
    Glyph of Lesser Healing Wave
    Glyph of Siphon Life
    Glyph of Enraged Regeneration
    Glyph of Vigilance
    Glyph of Blocking
    Glyph of Whirlwind
    Glyph of Execution
    Glyph of Barbaric Insults
    Glyph of Rending
    Glyph of Mocking Blow
    Glyph of Charge

    Glyphs added on PTR 4.0 Patch either at the trainer or exchanged for ones removed:
    Twilight Tome
    Vanishing Powder
    Enchanting Vellum
    Glyph of Slow
    Glyph of Dragon's Breath
    Glyph of Cone of Cold
    Glyph of Mana Shield
    Glyph of the Monkey
    Glyph of Pyroblast
    Glyph of Conjuring
    Glyph of Shield of the Righteous
    Glyph of Templar's Verdict
    Ascetic Crusader
    Glyph of Dazing Shield
    Glyph of Focused Shield
    Glyph of Seal of Truth
    Glyph of Light of Dawn
    Glyph of Seal of Insight
    Glyph of Rebuke
    Glyph of Word of Glory
    Glyph of Righteousness
    Glyph of Justice
    Glyph of Divine Favor
    Glyph of Truth
    Glyph of Divine Protection
    Glyph of Insight
    Glyph of Vendetta
    Glyph of Kick
    Glyph of Revealing Strike
    Glyph of Poisons
    Glyph of Grounding Totem
    Glyph of Lava Burst
    Glyph of Shamanistic Rage
    Glyph of Totemic Recall
    Glyph of the Arctic Wolf
    Glyph of Furious Sundering
    Glyph of Intimidating Shout
    Glyph of Bloody Healing
    Glyph of Shield Slam
    Glyph of Raging Blow
    Glyph of Slam
    Glyph of Demoralizing Shout
    Glyph of Long Charge

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    At first I was like "OMG no more tradable enchants?" and then I was like "ohh, they've all been rolled into one"
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    Never really was a point to splitting armor and weapon vellums anyway, since the mats were identical. That they rolled all three levels into one surprises me a bit, but it's just as well.

    The Twilight Tome isn't new though.

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    If you already know all the glyphs available in game now do you still have to do inscription research, collect glyph books etc to learn all the new ones?
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    I'm sure everyone appreciates the list, but is there any way to add what the glyphs do?

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    There's also a handful of functionality changes. Anyways, since Im mainly using my druid I'll go over changes/new glyphs for that class:

    Glyph of Moonfire: Now a Prime Glyph, it now just increases your moonfire's periodic damage by 20 percent, no longer nerfs the initial damage.
    Glyph of Insect Swarm: now a prime glyph, increases IS damage by 30. No more hit reduction penalty, though I think that was removed altogether.
    Glyph of Starsurge: NEW. Prime Glyph Each time you Starsuge, Starfall's cooldown is reduced by 5 seconds.
    Glyph of Wrath: Prime glyph, your wrath does 10 percent more damage when Insect Swarm is up. Old was a pushback reduction
    Glyph of Entangling Roots: Major glyph, makes roots an instant cast (Old was the roots withstood more damage before breaking)
    Gylph of Frenized Regeneration: Major. Healing effects on you increased by 30 percent, but no longer converts rage to health. (old was 20 percent improvement and without the rage penalty)
    Glyph of Healing Touch: When you cast healing touch, Nature's swiftness' cooldown is reduced by 5 seconds (old was reduced cast time at reduced healing power)
    Glyph of Maul: Major. Hits 1 extra target for half damage (old was it just hit 1 extra)
    Glyph of Thorns: now a Major, formely minor. Reduces cooldown by 20 seconds. (old was increased time your thorns was on you by 50 mins)
    Glyph of Solar Beam: Major. Increases the effect of the silence effect by 5 seconds
    Glyph of Hurriance: Major. Now slows movement speed in the hurricane by 50 percent. (Old was 20 percent)
    Glyph of Rip: Prime. Now increases periodic damage by 15 percent. (old was extended duration by 4 seconds)
    Glyph of Regrowth: Prime The HoT effect of the spell will reapply itself to targets at 25 percent health or lower (old was the effect of Regrowth was imporved if the HoT was already on the target)
    Glyph of Rejuvanation: Prime. Rejuv's healing increased by 10 percent (old was 50 percent increase on targets below half health)
    Glyph of Lifebloom: Prime increased crit chance by 10 percent (old was extended duration)

    Berserk, Mangle, Savage Roar, Shred, Starfire, and Swiftmend are all now Prime glyphs, but they've had no changes made to them as of yet. Everything else is still major or removed (like Rapid Rejuv, since the functionaity of that gylph is being built into the spell).

    That's about it from what I've noticed as far as changes. Balance seems to have gotten the most tweaks, followed by resto, and ferals look to have barely had any glyph changes done to them.

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    Glyph of Entangling Roots: Major glyph, makes roots an instant cast (Old was the roots withstood more damage before breaking)
    That together with overgrowth is going to make owls really annoying in PvP...

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    A small suggestion if you don't mind. It would be a ton easier to read that list if you could categorize the glyphs by class

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    On the PTR my scribe did 2 days each of the researches. Each day he learned a replaced recipe but it wasn't added to the profession as he already knows all recipes anyways. So it seems at the moment it tries to make you learn it as it shows you don't already know it but then it gets replaced immediately for the new one whatever it is.

    also, matheny2k, it is categorized by class but there aren't class dividers. It goes from DK to mage to paladin to rogue to shaman to warlock to warrior, just read the names and you'll see where one class start and stops
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    Quote Originally Posted by huth View Post
    That together with overgrowth is going to make owls really annoying in PvP...
    Yeah. Given that Moonkin's major glyphs are not exactly huge damage increases (Starfall is the only old glyph that most would use that's staying as a major), I imagine it's a glyph that most will be taking even if they don't PVP a lot.

    Though that glyph's functionality is from the build before overgrowth was implemented, so who knows if it'll stay the same.

    ---------- Post added 2010-09-19 at 06:23 AM ----------

    Rogue changes:

    Backstab: Prime. Backstab Crits give you 5 energy (old was each BS extended rupture)
    Hemmorage: Prime. Hemmorage now causes a bleed that does 40 perent of the strike's attack over 24 seconds (old was the bonus from hemmorage increased)
    Killing Spree: Prime. Your damage increased by additional 10 percent while active (Old was a cooldown reduction)
    Revealing Strike. NEW, Prime. The bonus your RS applies to you next finishing move is increased by 10 percent.
    Sinister Strike. Prime. SS has a 20 percent chance to add an additional combo point (Old was 50 percent).
    Vendetta: NEW, Prime. Increases the duration of your Vendetta by 20 percent
    Blade Flurry: Major. Decreases the penalty to energy regen while BF is up by 50 percent (Old was made BF cost no energy)
    Blind: NEW, Major. Reveals all Dots on your Blind target.
    Fan of Knives: Major. Increases radius by 50 percent (old was increases damage by 20 percent)
    Garrote: Major. Increases the duration of the silence effect by 2 seconds (old was reduced uptime for more damage)
    Gouge: Major. Allows you to use gouge no matter your enemy's facing (Old was reduced energy)
    Kick: NEW, Major. Increases your kick cooldown by 4 seconds, but CD is reduced by 6 seconds whenever you interrupt a spell.
    Preperation: Major. Now resets CD of Kick, Dismantle, and Smoke Bomb (Old was Blade Flurry instead of Smoke Bomb)
    Sap: Major. Increases Sap duration on NPCs by 80 seconds (old was 20 second increase)
    Tricks of the Trade: Major. ToT costs no energy, but the target of your ToT's damage bonus is reduced by 5 percent (Old was increased duration)
    Vanish: Now a Major, formerly Minor. Increases Vanish effect by 2 seconds (old was movement speed boost while under effect)
    Poisons: NEW, Minor. You apply poisons to your weapons 50 percent faster

    Adrenaline Rush, Eviscerate, Mutilate, Rupture, Shadow Dance, Slice and Dice are all unchanged but are now Prime glyphs.

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