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    Perhaps this could be fixed to be applied to Tauren but at the same time keep the racial mount. The second part would also to be give worgen a racial mount.
    Though that probably never happen D: Either way I love this concept, why use a mount in which a such such a creature as the worgan can move on all fours
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    i wonder how many race changes you'll see on day one.

    got a lvl.40 mage alt, but ill be deleting her and starting a new worgen mage from scratch just to get the whole new old world leveling experience.

    besides, w/ 40% extra XP from all the old and new heirlooms, leveling won't be no thaaang.

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    My guess is that Worgen will only have Darkflight from 1-20, then it'll be replaced with "Running Wild" by someone in Darnassus maybe

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    I move as fast as I can
    I like to get around
    I'm crazy like a madman
    My feet don't touch the ground
    I move amongst the night life
    And they just step aside
    Cause when they see me coming
    They know I'm running wild

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leonar Medalli View Post
    My guess is that Worgen will only have Darkflight from 1-20, then it'll be replaced with "Running Wild" by someone in Darnassus maybe

    darkflight is the "main" racial. running wild would be seperate. boub even said they have both now, darkflight wasn't removed.

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    I think "You've Been Iced" just means your entire guild has to wipe. Thus "you've been iced" :P

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    I'll be slightly bitter if they use Running Wild in place of the Worgen racial mount, when they decided back in the beginning that giving Tauren Plainsrunning wasn't a good idea.

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    LOL @ Worgens not having a mount

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    Well the problem with Plainsrunning was it had a short cooldown for 'dismounting' that hurt tauren in pvp, quests, etc. But since this is considered a mount, there should be no cooldown like that.

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    Interesting thing about the new worgen racial;
    if you type the spell ID to (Cata) Wowhead, this is what you get;


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    Hmm.. my comment didn't get posted? I'll try again, sorry if this turns out as a double-post.

    Interesting thing about the new worgen racial.. if you type the spell ID to Wowhead (cataclysm) url, you get this:

    Worgen Mount Prototype
    1.5 sec cast
    and the tooltip:
    Worgen Mount Prototype$?j1g[Increases ground speed by $j1g%. ][]$?j1f[Increases flight speed by $j1f%. ][]$?j1s[Increases swim speed by $j1s%. ][]
    didn't want to post link, since my last post didn't show up because of it (I think?) but you can search for it yourself, the spell name is above and the spell ID is 87840. Remember to go to the Ctaclysm version of Wowhead, or it won't show up, obviously.

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    There is too much that makes me PO'd but here are the main ones especially because of what’s on the top:

    If worgens get a mounted speed travel form then why the F don't DRUIDS and to a lesser degree Shamans?

    Warlocks get 2 pets for a limited time. The normal pet summoned and either of the 2 specials that used mats or special summoning’s; so why do the Hunters not have any ability for 2 pets which would make so much more sense even if the second pet only did 50% dam with all spells, attacks, and abilities?

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    Ultramarine Qiraji Battle Tank - Summons and dismisses a rideable Ultramarine Qiraji Battle Tank. This is a very fast mount. / 1.5 sec cast

    Yeah I'll hop on this guys back for sure.

    Jokes aside, Ultramarine is a color. A variation of blue.

    Cool stuff. We are getting closer!

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    "Running Wild"? Oh come on, say it isn't so. Blizzard didn't learn its lesson with the whole "Plainstriding" fiasco?

    Hey Blizz - quit being lazy. We know you aren't spending your time designing loads of armor sets. Don't even think about skimping on giving Worgen a mount.

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    Wow the potential if that is the worgen mounted ability. They would look so cool. And if other alliance races get exalted they can purchase a "Running Wild" Worgen that has commited crimes against Gilneas, hence the mounted servitude deal.

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    Running Wild sounds cool

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    Oh My Lord, the Worgen Mount idea is Amazing.

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    Panesrunning is back! For doggies :3

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    "Running Wild - Drop to all fours to run as fast as a wild animal."

    In the words of Doc Brown, "Great Scott!!" It looks like we have our Worgen mount, sans mount. If implemented right visually, this'll be better than having the bear-wolf-pig mount.

    By the way, something like this would be an excellent idea for druids, even if it keeps the 1.5 cast time (though I suggest either changing that to 1 sec cast, or implementing a feral-only speed-boost talent, just to spice things up ). Having an entire class that can shapeshift into something that IS the mount rather than on a mount will liven up cities that would otherwise be infested with drakes (because if PTR is any indication, you can use your flying mounts even if you can't fly).

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    No racial mount for worgens sounds really nice But I think there will be a mount eventually so that every race has one and players can choose whether to move around quickly as a worgen or in human form

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