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    Will this come in 4.1 or cataclysm?

    Superior-quality items that require more materials than other recipes in the same skill range provide multiple skill-ups. For example, if a recipe takes three times the reagents, it will give you three skill-ups.

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    never. never even heard of this. link plox

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    Sadly my professions are maxed out on my characters on the PTR otherwise I would check for you.

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    says cataclysm prof changes. not pre cata. going to be in expansion. also. no i only get 1 skill on ptr profs

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    The reason I was wondering is I'm currently doing 8 professions, I just finished two and I figure if it comes out in 4.1 I'll wait for the rest but if it comes with Cataclysm I'll just go ahead and level them.

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    As of yet there's nothing like this in the beta, although it was stated to be planned a long time ago.

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    Archeology puzzles give 5 skill points. So it's technically already in beta.

    Still, this kind of change should be in 4.0 since it's a general game mechanics change. We'll have to wait and see, especially since professions are somewhat broken currently.

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