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    Question Whats the best time to switch?

    Whats the best time to switch my BS for eni money wise,after 4.0.1 or right now? The fact that I can mine all I need is a plus but lazy me is planning on buying ore to smelt for skill ups. Mainly I'm looking for your general thoughts on when is it better to switch (assuming you're going to un-learn a maxed out one). Also it'd be interesting to hear thoughts / reasons for switching, I personally love engineering on an alt and miss it everytime I make a lame socket. In fact I love it so much I'm willing to part with ALL the ICC pats (and assorted Ulduar and ToC not to mention older BC ones) because I fell in love with it THAT much.
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    well prices are propably gone go up alot at the start of cata thanks to people rerolling goblins/worgens and wanting to skill up the proffesions on their new mains so i would suggest switch before that since on some servers prices ahve alredy gone up thanks to people stockpiling mats

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    the best time to switch is either right now or like a year from now because other than that prices are going to be really high with all the rerolls

    leaning more towards now though :/

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    Currently, prices are VERY low. Everyone is selling up and getting rid of old stock at crazy low prices. Now would be the best time, and admittedly, i've never seen anything like this, not even in the weeks before WotLK launched.

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    Now. Aside from the prices being lower now than they will be later when nobody's farming mats anymore, you also don't want to be stuck having to farm the old mats yourself when expansion hits instead of already being 450.
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    I waited till now to level my JC (last night), costed me 4k with earning 2.5k back.
    did engi a little while ago and it was 4.5k.

    Prices will be best now if you can get your hands on the stuff. (even thorium is cheap for once), when 4.0 hits prices will rise up. when cata hits prices will inflate 500%.

    edit: and you can probs get better prices, frostmourne is usually inflated. + i buy overpriced stuff to save on farming because im lazy.

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