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    drop BS for ...?

    I can't seem to make a profit with my BS(at 430). Everyone says Eternal Belt Buckle, but on my server there is only a 1g profit in each one. Gear isn't very reliable, and Shield Spikes/ Weapon Chains have very little profit aswell. So, should I drop BS? And then pick up JC, enchanting, Eng, etc. I have mining at 450, and farming ore is my best income so far.

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    Farm mats for eng or JC and drop mining. Mind you, do this after Cata. BS in Cata will make you money.

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    Wait, how do I farm eng/ JC stuff without mining? Lol

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    farm all the mats needed for eng/JC then drop mining then level eng/JC

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    Oh I see, my mistake there. But for the last month of WotLK, just continue to be broke?

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