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    New Worgen (F) Models

    Short one, bring back the old model please... it looked fine. Now they look bug-eyed and their teeth are weird.
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    And you had to create a thread about this? Well, there are no other threads about this subject, obviously.

    Also, I like the new female model.

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    Those eyes...so big....

    Thanks for this awesome signature tazsar!

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    no i really like the new model. reminds me of tim burtons work.

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    New Worgen models are a new profession?!

    But ew. Let's not bring back the furry-friendly models plx.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fenaris View Post
    Those eyes...so big....
    All the better to see you with

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    im pretty sure you can fix the eyes to what better suites you just like all races.

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    I mean they look fierce and im all for that but its a FEMALE....i mean....shouldnt it look more.....woman like? and less like a woman using steroids...-facepalm- unrelated but athinah i LOVE your band or whatever you call it, the modified worgen dk pic

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    i like it. she looks positively Ticked off by everyone around her and ready to kill them all. also helms will cover the face like they always do... most of the time

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    What big eyes you have grandma
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    the female worgen dance will be out in a week or 2

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    there has been like hundreds of threads like this since yesterday.
    the impression i have after reading alot of them and checking the polls it seems most peaple are more happy with the current models except for the eyes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sexyama View Post
    What big eyes you have grandma
    oh and ...the better to see you with? or maybe go big bad wolf style "the better to own you with".

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    The models are half good in my own opinion, I'm no furry fan boy or anything but i agree any female model should have a certain degree of 'woman' in there, otherwise it wouldn't be female, their curves and animations make up for this, the snarling look is great, but those eyes... eugh, i would prefer more narrow 'evil' sort of eyes as opposed to outright crazy eyes, so far only the worgen female DK looks good because you can't actually see the eyes, Anyone remember Birkin from Resi 2? Yeeeehhhh....

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    Well atleast they dont look like foxes anymore, but srsly im not a furry but id like that blizzard would change the face that i could look at it without puking, they are like alpha female trolls. And yes i know that blizzard is trying to make gilneans very british and one of the ways is to make their females really ugly as they are irl (no offence england, but its the hard truth)

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    Said it in other threads, just gonna say it again here. I like everything but the damn hair. She looks like she has mange.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashcow View Post
    i like it. she looks positively Ticked off by everyone around her and ready to kill them all. also helms will cover the face like they always do... most of the time
    Implying people put their helmets on show.

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    Please see the existing threads in the correct forum

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