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    Usually the non-set matches the color scheme of the matching item-level tier...

    I guess it's just habit and may or may not get used for other other offset.


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    love the desert style on rogue's set... its just awesome but the race models you chosed to view on are... well.. ugly always try to include undead or orc male with human male for a better view on the set.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tribunal View Post
    Why three colors?

    If 10/25 are dropping the same stuff, shouldn't it just be regular mode and hardmode?
    I just figured each spec got their own color.
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    I really like that druid tier, especially the color the Tauren is dressed in. I look forward to getting it

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    Rogue tier helm looks bitchin' as all hell.

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    OMO OMG OMG rogue looks bitchin', wanna see it on UD ! Druid one is also cool,blizz did a good job :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herecius View Post
    Rogue tier helm looks bitchin' as all hell.
    Really? Maybe it's still a bit buggy looking but I'm not liking the way that helm looks atm, it seems I will not be showing yet another rogue tier helm...
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    gief warriors.

    ABout the colors.
    Probably Normal, Hard Mode and NPC colors

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    I'm liking the druid tier, rogue is kinda meh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fireball777 View Post
    Really? Maybe it's still a bit buggy looking but I'm not liking the way that helm looks atm, it seems I will not be showing yet another rogue tier helm...
    From the way it's made, it looks like it's a glowing scarf that swirls around the rogue's face, and the shoulders that emit gusts of wind are pretty awesome too. The theme reminds me of assassins from 1001 Arabian Nights or something.

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    God those look terrible, I hope those arnt anything like the models they intend to use...

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    Druid ones look fine (I expect those wings to look ossum on a tauren male) but [email protected]

    credits: Supernerd

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    *gives own puppy dog eyes* You wouldn't happen to have found the Paladin T 11 would you have? :<

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    All the haters must be shittin. It's just awesome texture work and the theme rocks. And its just the first tier set, much more goodness to come! Eagerly awaiting the priest set!
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    that rogue set looks fucking horrible lol

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    ya rogue looks like tier 8 just color changed

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    I'm giving it a quick second throught and if rogue set will have this scarf flowing around and windy effect around the shoulders, it has potential for major awesome.

    credits: Supernerd

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    Can u just bow into the peer pressure and post all classes please, cough,, warriors first

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    Druid T11 looks pretty fantastic. But what's with the rogue's head? The darkish things on warlock's and rogue's sets in WotLK made little but even some sense. This is just "Woah! My face is totally iced up, but I can assassinate you anyway!"

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