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    Star Wars™: The Old Republic™

    Ok I've been browsing their webby, And this seem pretty promising. Not to sure How the game will transpire in to an MMO, But if the first 2 single player examples
    are anything to go by this could work, Its all about the Dev team.. Bio-ware and Lucas make great PC & Console games.

    Can they pull it off? I really hope they do. it would be great playing around the star-wars galaxy, Great Lore and we all know it so Well..

    anywho after watching a Few Vides and reading some info, it all seem pretty limited, not the playing area, I have no idea how that will transpire, but the classes and Abilites you can choose,
    the choice seem pretty Basic, Even though its still early days and things might change- But the mechanics are going to stay with the same constraints of Other MMO Which include wow, Due to most the the dev team
    being inspired by Warcraft- So end game raiding - Smaller Along the way Multiplayer group instances -

    So after watching a Few Videos they have- it all seem pretty limited- Their tanks are Range,- it just didn't look right, I might be stuck in a Wow mind set- I just hope this is going the same was as other MMo's Like
    Star Trek online and Star-gates worlds..

    The Idea Is great it looks kinda nice- but with the limited abilities and Classes( I have no idea on playable race if any apart from human )I hope it doesn't crash...

    I could do with something new

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    This is quite possibly the most hyped game in a while, and it's from Bioware, a company that has been getting a lot of positive attention lately from critics.

    It's success is guaranteed, although I doubt it will kill or seriously challenge WoW.

    In terms of its complexity, I can't realy comment since I haven't followed it all that much.
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    Either it'll be successful or it'll crash and burn. If there's a trial for the game I'll give it a whirl. Can't say I'll like it though. I love BioWare and all, but it just doesn't look that great of a game.

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    I hope it will be good. I really like games comming from BioWare

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    I hope it's good. I love WoW but I feel it's time as the King of MMOs needs to come to an end soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naidia View Post
    Either it'll be successful or it'll crash and burn. If there's a trial for the game I'll give it a whirl. Can't say I'll like it though. I love BioWare and all, but it just doesn't look that great of a game.
    It is in very earl beta. There is still quite long time to go until it finishes. I am pretty sure it will be a good game...

    Look at WoW the first beta... it looked terrible although at the times it was average.... but still ...
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    Definitely gonna give this game a try at release, looks promising.
    And BioWare hasn't really fucked up a game so far so hoping for the best.
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    world of starwars.. lol

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    A game that i personally am looking forward to.
    Bioware produces large environment games and seem to upgrade each detail with every chance they get.
    So i'm taking a bet this is going to be an epic game.

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    I really like the concept of it, as well as the gameplay from the reviews ive seen from their sites. It looks like its going to be successful. Let's just hope it doesnt end up like Age of Conan... amazing and beautiful game, but SO rushed....

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