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    LoL Launcher won't start

    Hi! I figured I might try posting this here too, since I've noticed several of you guys on this forum also play LoL.

    I'm running on Windows 7 (x64). Latest drivers are installed (ATI, Adobe AIR & DirectX).

    When I start the game from the shortcut on the desktop, or where it's located it opens the EULA and TOS, I accept both and than the Launcher should open, it never does.

    I've reinstalled it 5 times already, in different locations. I've tryed starting it in all compatibility modes and "run as admin".

    It always gives this error in a log file in the same folder as the launcher:

    09/19/2010 18:06 [INFO] Solid LauncherLib [] initializing...
    09/19/2010 18:06 [INFO] CElevateHelper::RegisterServer() success
    09/19/2010 18:06 [INFO] Failed to re-register 80040155

    Please, help me. I can't think of anything anymore to try and fix this. I've even re-downloaded the setup file twice, it works perfectly fine on other computers in the house.

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    Dunno if this help but I get the TOS after I see the launcher open. Never seen them before.
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