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    Isn't their a video of 2 rogues exploiting to GM island and killing a GM that was afk (which took them a LOOOOONG time) after which, they got banned.

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    Actually, I see a bit of interesting potential here. I used to play an MMO years back called Redmoon Online, it was a lot of fun. Every now and then though the GM's would go to the battle arena with their super awesome powers and make an event out of people trying to kill them.

    I don't see how it would be to far of a stretch to challenge one. But you have to admit, they are busy people and probably wouldn't be able to go out of their way to meet one person's challenge. However if it were a scheduled one time world event, perhaps per server, it would seem more logical.

    But keep in mind, your 120 man raid will probably wipe. After all, they work for the guys that created the Titans. :3
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    Quote Originally Posted by RC-ST. View Post
    Hello, I want to submit an atempt for a first kill.
    I want to be the first one who kills a game master in wow official server.
    Anyone who has suggestion how to lure and kill him, pls post here. We are gathering an army on the realm Balnazzar EU both ally and hordes.
    The prize for the one who help us find a way to kill the game master will recive 100.000 golds .
    Done in vannila, afk gm in westfall GY
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    Quote Originally Posted by drayl View Post
    how do you kill that which has no life?

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    The method is very simple. just do a lot of research, find where said gm lives, and shoot him.

    ot this is the most retardedly hilarious and awesome idea ive heard. good luck

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    In the 5 years Ive been playing wow ive seen a GM once, it was before Karazhan and he had some pretty sweet moves so good luck with that.

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    FLAGS people, FLAGS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thoriel View Post
    When GMs are ingame they are almost like a normal 80lvl player. So if you can find one - you can kill him, BUT after that most likely your account will be permanently suspended.
    Well... I wouldn't say almost. Sure, if they're afk then they're basically just another player (albeit with a lot of health), but if they're actually aware you're attacking them then they can do some crazy stuff. Don't remember where, but I once saw a video of a group in UK that pissed off a GM enough to get him to come there in person and distribute some special justice. He had many odd abilities, most memorable of which was one that summoned rock spikes out of the ground that knocked you up and killed you when you came back down.

    Remember that GMs don't even have to use spells to screw with you. They could just poof you 300 yards into the air and laugh as you fall. They could spawn 10 Marrowgars and have all of them use Bone Storm. Hell they could send you to Shattrath and make A'dal hostile to you.

    Regardless, this is a fruitless endeavor that won't succeed. To me, it just sounds like a scam to get 100k gold.
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    just thought of something hilarious. you get every one on the server to attack him, and he summons 3 LKs 2 illidans and 4 kiljadens

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    If the GM is not afk he can chose simply to become invincible etc. Your only hope is that he is afk somewhere with pvp on in a place reachable by players. Or you summon him to you,somehow make him attackable (maybe summon to an arena like gurubashi?)and attack him while hoping he either doesnt know how to make himself invincible or simply finds your effort at killing him amusing so lets you continue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drayl View Post
    How do you kill that which has no life?

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    You realize GMs have a command they can use to kill everything on the entire server at once, right? I'm pretty sure if they wanted, they would just do that.

    But hey, good luck to you on luring a GM out in the first place. I've talked to a GM for a few hours one night and tried to convince him/her to come out and duel me. He/she said the only way to get them to come out was to have the Unstoppable Force and the Immovable Object meet. Still trying to find people with those items and get them to duel. >.>
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skilz View Post
    Why? Seriously if you spent that time in a club or something you would get laid. Sureley that's time better spend then trying to kill a GM?
    You could say that same idea for the amount of time that you have spent on these forums. Its not really relevant, but you think you sound cool

    Game Masters cant be killed so easily!!

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    Sorry, looking for successful first kills here

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