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    I want to be able to play plants vs zombies while I'm on a flight taxi D=

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    Is it just me or does that new rogue set just look more like it should be worn by shamans? ;o

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    Personally i don't care about the number of mounts, what i care is that my hunter will look stupid with a murloc costume with lightning effects all over it

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    Aww I was looking forward to the boar mount.

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    Druid sets look awesome I cannot wait to see my boomie/healer in them

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    Piecebloom vs ghouls is so frigging epic lol

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    Another beautiful Rogue helmet!

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    I think Blizzard is about to cross the fine line between reference and ripoff here...

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    I just love the PvZ minigame, pretty much the best feature in the expansion so far

    "Dont' Want No Zombies on My Lawn"
    Best effing achievement name in game

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    That rogue set is awful. On the other hand Plants vs Zobies looks awesome!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steampunk View Post
    I really hate the way that rogue set looks. After having to look like a ghoulish monster, I'd rather not look like a shaman with shurikens on my shoulders.

    I love the druid set though. My druid will be quite happy in the blue/white looking set.
    The rogue shoulders aren't epic enough to be anywhere close to shaman tier. The turbin is awesome though. I was hoping for something like that to get from Throne of the Four Winds raid up in Skywall.

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    im actually happy that ill shift out off this horrid t11

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    *Oh and I'd really like to know if there is a theme attached to the T11... seriously.. Raven set... orly?
    Don't know if you realize, but the Raven tag on those pics isn't actually a name for either set. Names are in the post though

    Really, REALLY looking forward to the PvZ mini-game. Showed my gf that earlier and she's stoked too.

    I am liking the Druid set. Not sure about Rogue set yet. I agree it has the look of an unfinished Shaman set, but since I don't play a Rogue any higher than 25, I won't worry too much about it Hope that we get the rest of the sets to preview soon, and that the Paladin set isn't another letdown.

    So, Blizzard makes an extra effort to balance the number of mounts available to the 2 factions, then just throws that out the window with the Worgen? I'm a mount collector so that upsets me, but I think I'm more upset about not seeing the bear-pig thingy make it in game. Maybe they'll add in someplace else? Hope so, that thing was awesome ...
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    Boub, can we get a compilation of all the current rep rewards that opened up in the beta?

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    Whats with the terence and philip models of the tier gear :P

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    warlock set please

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuromikittie View Post
    Druid sets look awesome I cannot wait to see my boomie/healer in them
    Indeed, I like these wings on shoulders, in blue and white colors tho, in brown not much. =p

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    I like Blizzard's attempt to introduce more mini games in order to reduce idling in capitals.
    A little OT: Who else thinks that there will be worgen pack runs through capitals.^^
    Originally Posted by Ghostcrawler (Blue Tracker)

    Hellooouu.....I'm Greg, you might know me as might know me as that asshole that nerfed your class.
    Pure WIN.

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