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    Never tried this minigame before. It looks fun though.
    But oh man. I can easily see myself spending hours of frustration trying to win this. lol

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    T11... With all sets since BC ones like t4 blizz has one problem, IMHO, helmets. 90% of them looks just crapy or simply stupid -_- Why, blizz? Wy? and yeh rogue set looks bleh, druid's fine. Why would i want to look like mixture of aladin and radiator oO ?
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    "Wind... Dancer..."

    NightSLAYER, BloodFANG, BoneSCYTHE (twice), NetherBLADE, DEATHmantle, SLAYER, TerrorBLADE, VanCleef/Garona, SHADOWBLADE... WindDancer ¬¬

    Well slap my ass and call me disappointed. Still... means to an end, sure my main'll be bedecked in it within a few months. Just like everyone else.

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    PvZ is so much win, I hope they'll do a little more than just a 10min-long quest

    For those who haven't ever tried the original, have a look, it's awesome.

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    I love DLC. Always a good Monday chuckle.

    <insert random flame about alliance losing out on 2 mounts>

    I love Blizzard tbh. Cata is going to be the perfect mix for hardcores and uber casuals. I can't wait to level Archaeology and play Plants vs Zombies when I get bored of that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deplorable View Post
    "We feel that makes it interesting, even if the Alliance gets less racial mounts as a result."

    you have to laugh, i mean this is the blizzard that within the last 3 years has destroyed everything bar looks that make the horde and alliance different. From companion pets, mounts to the shaman/paladin. Come on they even added mounts to the horde so we'd have the same number. The "plenty of mounts" seems very excusey like the fact they can't do PUG rated BGs but all the tools are there, which ghostcrawler actually admitted on serveral occassions even contadicting himself at one point. Seriously does Blizzards matchmaking tool from patch 2.1 exist? or is it made up?

    Yet now, now they're okay with it... i dunno... i miss the distintive feel to be honest. Yes we got a pet Faerie Dragons cue much, pardon the pun, QQ'ing from the horde. Hell look at the loremaster and how that changed now we're both 700. i mean... blizzard says and does one thing, changes it's mind and reverts it more times than you can say flying space goats are actually eredar.

    i hope they give alliance mounts, or at least the worgen faction gets something in the way of mounts. Otherwise it's just stupid... why can't hunters train feral worgens then.. damnit i wanna be a mount with a pet worgen with the name "mywife". Lore wise having a pet worgen makes more sense [they are essentially beasts who are able to take simple comands as both the lore and quests state) than running as fast as a horse.

    give the tauren the sa... hang on.. no.. no.. wolf beats cow.
    noone who cares about the GAME itself, and not just collectable whoring, care AT ALL about this.
    In fact, this makes me want to roll a worgen even more (even though I'm not gonna). It's a game. hence they make fun things. Fuck collecting, I've had enough of grinding useless stuff.

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    They need to stop dicking around with healing.

    Lets see, the problem with the new heals is that I don't need more buttons to press. Most healers work the same, class special heal (think Earth shield/penance/beacon/swift), fast heal, big heal, some group heal (well, ok, not Paladins until recently), and various tool spells.

    One hand can cover those four positions just nicely. Throw in another heal and what do I have? Worse, the new heal (tried it on pally/shaman/priest) really just gets worse each "patch". For five man content I doubt the new heal is even worth my time except out of combat. The mana savings just doesn't cut it, its too low in power compared to the big heal and even has less ability than the flash heals.

    the reason they are having such difficulty getting it balanced is because its redundant. Adding a new heal spell will not suddenly separate the A healer from the B healer, it will just frustrate too many who try to fit in in.

    So glad they did such a great job making druids now feel as if they should not rejuv the universe, oops, nope they didn't do that either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rioriel View Post
    "Wind... Dancer..."

    NightSLAYER, BloodFANG, BoneSCYTHE (twice), NetherBLADE, DEATHmantle, SLAYER, TerrorBLADE, VanCleef/Garona, SHADOWBLADE... WindDancer ¬¬

    Well slap my ass and call me disappointed. Still... means to an end, sure my main'll be bedecked in it within a few months. Just like everyone else.
    Well at least your set doesn't sound like something a blacksmith could make. Reinforced Sapphirium... It sounds like you have to go back and kill Sapphiron to get it.

    As for the healer thing, it looks like I'll be binding my medium heal and big heal to my mouse instead of my small and medium. The way I see it, you can make us use small/medium or medium/big, you can't make us use all three. One for a large amount of damage, one for a smaller amount, with the smallest heal being used for whatever spare damage is after the fight, when mana and total healing doesn't matter. Now that's not saying we're not going to use all of our other, more situational heals (AoE, instant cast, etc.) but our most basic heals, we're probably only be going to use 2 of the 3 of them the most.

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    why do rogues always have 3 things on thier shoulders? look at all rogue Tiers theres always 3 of something.

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    Anyone else think Donald's Gigz looks better than the regular one?

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    Rogue set looks awful.

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    @ someone saying this rogue T11 is more of a shaman fitting gear
    no shaman would ever wear such awful thing.... you know, we are awesome which basically means we can't have have a bad looking T11
    Just look at any Tier shaman armor except T9 (which imo still looks better than the hunter counterpart) and admit that we'd be crippled by wearing a T11-rogue-looking set.
    Blizz will find another way to nerf us hence the elemental 31 point talent or searing totem.

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    Rogue set looks horrendous

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    Well, these sets look terrible. I'm certain that Blizzard/Activision outsourced most of the models in order to finish Diablo 3 in time or to ramp up production on the new MMO. These ridicolously looking sets coupled with the psychedelic worgen bitch all point in the same direction. WoW became a secondary project under Blizzard's wings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BaddyMcBad View Post
    The Warrior T11 links should be swapped, you have the DPS link next to tank and vice-versa.
    was just going to post this, ahaahh...

    When i looked at the DPS part and i was like.. wth shield slam for dps.. eh!? but looing on tank i forsee it was the other way around.
    <~leveling up!~

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    oh my god..... I can already feel this thing sucking my life away... O.o I'm doomed...
    Did not get Plants vs Zombies because I felt it was always too expensive for such a "simple", casual game, played the demo though and it was fun. So now playing it for free, with a goal of 100+ Waves, an achievement... me being the achievement whore that I am (Insane).... f*ck.

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    I think the rogue set looks awesome. It has a ghostly feel with the bandage texture on the shoulders.

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    And the Plants and Zombies game... gimme a break. Seriously, show something, that isnt a pile of shit, regarding Cataclysm. Iron box headed Deathwing. Deathwing in human form... a ridicolous behemoth. New sets are laughable.

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    To me it looks they are actually not making a "new and improved healing system". They are taking it back many years and forcing things upon ppl. The strangest thing of it all - is that they are trying to make simple things complicated. Healing should NOT be more complicated than other parts like dps and tanking. Tanks dont use 5 diffrent spells situatinally to counter content - and defently not on 25 mobs.... DMG classes use simple rotation dmg systems that automaticly makes them an "A+". Why on earth force one class to think of multiple things to handle while others pick their nose ?

    Now... lets see... Healers are controlling:

    Keeping ppl alive
    Using right spell to keep ppl alive
    using right spell to not run out of mana
    Hit mana regen buttons to regain mana
    Watching out for enviromental threats
    And did I mention they are often watching 5-15 ppl to keep alive?
    Add some extra elements like for paladins now where holy power is added on top of mana to make it extra confusing.
    Now... Add 3-5 hours + 3-7 days per week on top of this and you will get 90% of burned out healers that DONT get the chance to enjoy the CONTENT of the game like tanks and dps classes. Those classes are actually fighting the enviroment. Helers are fighting buttons and bars 24/7 - and now added on top of that - mana.

    I look at these changes with horrors... specially when I read about comments from devs talking about some priests in vanilla announching they are casting big heals... Do these guys not realise whe are no longer with 40 ppl raids and we have much less options to work with ? Or are they really forcing upon ppl to have a rotational healing with 5 - 7 healers in 25 man content? Im sorry but there is just nothing "new and improved" about it. It sounds bad.

    Again - Blizzard are throwing the difficulty balance soely on the healers atm. They are adding new and complicated mecanics to the class while other class roles are doint their ususal rotations and picking their nose. Thats just not acceptable. And I think BLizzard will find out soon enough that even more ppl will go dps and even tanking - rather than playing the complicated healing class that gets all the blame when things go wrong.

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    Woha, this is getting boring. All set bonuses are recycled bonuses with little differences. I miss cool mechanics on set bonuses, now its just plain % to damage

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