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    Enchant: Landslide vs Hurricance

    Enchant Weapon - Landslide seem to be the new "expensive" melee enchant. But doesnt 120 AP procc feel low?

    Havnt seen or done any theory crafting on it. But the Cheaper one, Hurricane seem to be better with the 350 Haste buff.

    Any thoughts?

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    That has to be a bug. Why the hell would anyone use that over Berserking? Gee i can have 400AP or 120AP wonder which I will take?

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    It's probably 1200 AP, typo perhaps?

    Anyway sure it's not worth over anything WOTLK offers to melee.
    I'm pretty sure the value is about to change.
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    melee wise depending on class might be AP proc on mainhand while haste OH...like rogue/druids might go for the haste proc for energy regen

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