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    Unhappy GW2 + WoW Mobile + Money

    I have just been surfing and I came across Guild Wars 2 info that they will have a mobile app not that different than what WoW has but with some other features attached. I was trying to figure out if they were going to try to make money from this app and I found the answer. No they are not the app will be free. You will be able to chat with your friends and do various other things. Now a developer with significantly less resources than blizzard has a game that you have to buy but have no monthly fees as well seems to cater more to customers knowing that our pockets aren't endless. Blizzard on the other hand charges a monthly fee and makes you buy the game.

    I don't have a problem with WoWs monthly fees because they have to have the money to keep everything running smooth where as a smaller game won't demand as much. What I don't understand why blizzard has to charge $2.99 a month with your addition monthly fee for an app when another company pulls it off with out any monthly fee what so ever? I love WoW but is blizzard just greedy knowing they can get away with charging people extra for all of this stuff?

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    The mobile armory is not essential to my gameplay, since I don't feel like those paying for it have an advantage over me, it doesn't really feel like Blizzard's getting "greedy" here. They are, after all, a business trying to make money. I would imagine that Blizzard has a larger subscriber base, and thus the infrastructure for something like this is more expensive. Besides, we've yet to see if Guild Wars 2 can really "get away" with offering this service for free as the game hasn't even launched yet. They could be throwing advertisements in to the feature, or rolling the cost into something else (higher game price, fewer support staff, etc.).
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