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    League of Legends

    A few weeks ago, I was surfing the web and I caught scent of an awesome online game. It's called League of Legends, it's fun, it's free, and it gives you stuff to work for, unless you want to use your credit card...but that's a different story. In this game, you control units called champions, and have to work together with other champions, against the enemy champions, so you can destroy their base.

    Before I talk about gameplay, let me cover the some of the basics. On your League of Legends client, their should be an icon that looks like a shopping cart. If you click on it, you will enter the store. To purchase items or champions from the store, you must use Influence Points, which you earn by doing games, and Riot Points, which you purchase with a credit card. Their are four tiers of champions, in IP cost, 450, 1350, 3150 and 6300. I don't use Riot Points much, so I don't really know all the tiers for them.

    To join a game, look for the giant red play button. Once you click it, you will see four options: Ranked Game, Normal Game, Practice Game, and Tutorial. It is good to do the tutorial first, but you won't need it if you read this. Practice games are fun for trying out new champions, as you get to go against "bots", which have significantly less strategy than players (most of the time.) Ranked games are like arena, and Normal games are normal. You can choose two types of matches, 5v5 or 3v3. 5v5 ranked games give the most, 3v3 ranked games, 5v5 normal games, 3v3 normal games, and balanced practice team last.

    If you chose Ranked Game or Normal Game, you should be put in a queue. Wait a minute or so and a queue should pop up. Every week, there are ten free champions to use, but you can always buy champions from the store to have them forever. So, chose your champion, wait for others to chose, and then you should be starting the match. After another loading screen, you will be on what's called called the Healing Fountain. Go to it and you will regenerate health fast, and anybody that runs to it on the enemy team will be utterly destroyed.

    The main object in your base is your nexus. Your nexus is destroyed = you lose.. The one-two towers guarding it are called turrets, and the smaller-looking nexuses are inhibitors. Your nexus will create minions, which will run in a straight line along one of the three lanes. They will run to fight enemy minions. Without any champion intervention, they kill each other out, so it is your job to kill the enemy minions so your minions can push forward. Once you reach a turret, it will start blasting your minions. It does that to you too. You need to kill the turret, with the tanking of minions. If you attack an enemy champion while near a turret, the turret will attack you, and kill you unless you are in late-game. Last but not least, inhibitors will stop the enemy nexus from creating super minions, which have extra health and damage. Destroy the enemies turrets and inhibitors and then you can start destroying the nexus.

    Each champion has four abilities and one passive. The maximum level is eighteen. You get to upgrade your fourth ability at level six, eleven and sixteen, and every other ability five times, one time each level. Your passive ability doesn't need upgrading. The reason your fourth ability only has three ranks is because it is your ultimate ability, which should be the attack that define your champion.

    There is a store within the game that lets you buy items for your champion with gold you gain by killing on the field. You can buy tier-one, tier-two and tier-three items, by building them out of other items. You can only have six items at a time, but it is possible to sell them. An important thing...look for boots in the store, and buy any pair you want, just make sure you have boots, or else you will be outran.

    There are jungles in between paths, you can go in and kill the monsters for buffs and extra gold. Bosses include a giant worm, a lizard lord and a giant rock monster.

    You can figure the rest out on your own, I covered all of the basics. If you want to join, and want a free starter character and a costume, first sign up at https://signup.leagueoflegends.com/?ref=4c604ae3ac6bc and then go to http://www.leagueoflegends.com/facebook and connect to Facebook for your free Facebook Tristana.

    Edit: Also
    inb4 league of legends sucks
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    league of legends sucks
    you just want referral prizes
    i hate your avatar

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    You if you want referral points you need to be sneakier and have a questionably legal signature that links people directly to your referral sign up. Pokemaster, you give a bad name to masters of pokemon everywhere.

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