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    Druid forms change is a nightmare.

    Here's druid PvP from now on:

    Mage/Shaman polymorphs me. Assuming the nerf applies to shifting out of polymorph as well, I wait until it ends. I spend more mana shifting back into my form (which is essentially required for all types of druid in order to actually use core abilities) than the mage/shaman spend polymorphing me.

    He morphs me again. I spend more mana than he spent again.

    Repeat until I'm out of mana and he really isn't.


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    The realms are up and there were no patch :/
    Why would they do a long maintenance if there is not patch?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whó View Post
    The realms are up and there were no patch :/
    Why would they do a long maintenance if there is not patch?
    I'm confused as well.

    What is Boub on about then?

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    the changes did go through. kill command crits for 50k at times, but all other hunter dmg is balls. 5k arcane shot crits

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    Protector of the Innocent is now a Tier 1 Holy Talent and has been revamped - Casting a targeted heal on any target, including yourself, also heals you for 1240.83 to 1427.62. (Multi ranks, but currently all with the same value)


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    The rogue changes are there, I'm sure, they're just that stealthy. Guess that's a good sign .

    And druids: mah polymorph immunities!

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    That "Protector of the Innocent" tooltip made me lol, teach those low level tanks that trying to heal themselves is not a great way to keep threat!

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    I think it will be safe to assume that you will only be able to be polymorphed out of Flight form while on the ground. Think about it, why would that work when no other form of CC works on mounted targets?

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    Rogue changes are game-breaking, no doubt.

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    Nothing, sorry. <_>

    Mage shall be my new main ;D

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    Pummel in battle stance!!!! WOOOOHOOO!!!!!

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    Horrible changes: polymorph on feral (lolwhut?!), nerf of hunters (all of them as BM lose arcane shot and 10% rap). Also, to all MM or SV hunters who don't want to be BM in cata: wait and see but it was a pain for us (BM) to have to switch to SV then MM in WotLK to be able to raid. After 2 years, we are more than happy to be able to play again. I hope all specs will be playable, but stop nerfing or crying about BM as we have been waiting 2 years to be able to play.

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    Relax about your class not getting any changes!!
    You have to know that changes are coming and they are working on all classes, Just because they didn't post any or many changes for a class don't mean they are done with them!

    Drives me nuts reading the forums, looking for good information, and all I see are people posting that their class isn't getting changes, or what have you...

    Games not out yet, still in Beta/PTR. Complain when the patch goes live and there are no changes to your class and you are in the shadow of other classes!

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    @ druid poly immunity gone:

    Gosh.. get that stupid "cleanse magick" back but dont touch our class-defining strengths like poly immunity. A shitstorm is coming, i can see that.. F*ck that healing seriously.. It's been screwing up the entire class like a plague since vanilla beta. Like they took Play Dead away and gave it to hunters, because "healer that can drop aggro is op". Screw healbots, really. Honestly, healing is only 1/4th of the class now, why should the rest of 3/4 of the class suffer because of it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Persuade View Post

    No more double dipping in latency to change stances and pummel!
    No more weapon swapping to Sword/Board to Shield Bash!
    No more rage loss to swap stances!
    YAY now there's even a less skill cap to play a warrior.

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    What's interesting about the whole polymorph thing for druids is the fact that I specifically remember blues stating in the past that the reason Shaman would not get a "ghost wolf makes you immune to polymorph" because it was a signature ability for druids.

    I know it's mentioned that this is all based off of tooltips, but I didn't see Moonkin form listed there. Is it safe to assume Moonkin was supposed to be included in that as well?

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    WTF @ WF nerf... That had better be a typo or meaning it is now a multiplicative stacking buff..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deyadissa View Post
    YAY now there's even a less skill cap to play a warrior.
    There was one to start with?
    Sometimes i say stupid things

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    i understand your frustration as BM, but blizzard is just slacking on this now. With survival dps (just tested) topping at 8k for me while i was doing 15k as BM thats just silly.

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    Pardon me for complaining, but did Kill Command really need to be buffed? If anything I thought it'd be nerfed...

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