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    SK-100 most popular classes (3v3)

    So with all the talks and changes coming with 4.0, and Season 8 coming to an end in arena, I figured I'd look at the overall representation for 3's, as this is the one Blizzard tries it's best to balance around. I was hoping it would be somewhat evenly balanced, but apparently not.

    link : http://www.sk-gaming.com/arena/playe...l/all/all/all/

    Breakdown for those who can't/won't click link (This is percentages based off top 100 teams):

    Shaman: 50%
    Lock: 41%
    Priest: 40%
    Paladin: 38%
    Warrior: 28%
    Druid: 24%
    Mage: 22%
    Rogue: 20%
    Hunter: 16%
    DK: 14%

    Breakdown by most used specs in top 100 teams:

    Disc Priest: 10.4%
    Ele Shaman: 8.7%
    Holy Paladin: 8.7%
    Arms Warrior: 7.4%
    Aff Lock: 6.7%
    Destro Lock: 6.7%
    Frost Mage: 6.4%
    Resto Druid: 6.4%
    Resto Shaman: 6%
    Unholy DK: 4%

    It's not as bad as some arena seasons past *cough*S5*cough* but it still leaves something to be desired.


    Here's the 2's and 5's as well if you'd care to look:

    2's: http://www.sk-gaming.com/arena/playe...l/all/all/all/
    5's: http://www.sk-gaming.com/arena/playe...l/all/all/all/
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    For a Top 100 teams distribution the percentages really aren't too shabby. To be honest, from a class representation PoV, Season 8 is the most balanced Arena Season to date. Not a bad development considering where we started of this expansion.

    And the Top 100 really isn't a representative view in any way. The sample is just way too small. With around 20 or more BGs world-wide that's less than the top 5 of each BG.

    All those numbers show is that pretty much every class has a decent shot at making it to the top. And that is what Blizzard hoped to achieve.

    In my opinion as long as specc distribution above 2300 are pretty even, things are as good as they get.
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    Lets wait till we see some Glad reps before we judge how this season went, I'd say.

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    ^ That really depends on how you play it.

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