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    Amadeus, at the end, every time.

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    The Fifth Element. Bruce Willis is my hero.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amaranthus View Post
    The Fifth Element. Bruce Willis is my hero.
    I just watched that. Fun times, I say.

    My top 3...

    3) Watership Down. Childhood movie based off easily one of the best books for young adults in history.

    2) Return of the King. It my be because I always watch the movies from the first movie before the others, and the build up is more immense. It may be the overpowering soundtrack that only a genius could craft. It may be because I still have memories of watching this memorable film as a kid in the theaters. Either way, it gets me every time.

    1) The Stand. It comes close enough to movie, anyway. Based on Stephen King's novel The Stand, the 8-hour TV special has everything I want from a movie. Excellent characters, moving soundtrack, unforgettable story, all pulled off without 20 million dollars of CGI or A-list actors to back it up. The ending flat-out takes me every time. A long journey concluded.

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    Lots get me close but the only one in recent memory to have taken me over was Big Fish. Something in the way it ended just struck me right in the heart.

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    Cinema Paradiso gives me tears of joy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ixuzcc View Post
    I'm not trying to be all buff and manly but I rarely cry, though I'll get emotionally touched by some movies.
    Same here except mine is Remember Me, and I don't really shed a tear just gives me goosebumps. Seen it like 8 times already or more and it still has the same effect.

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    So many movies, most recently Candy.

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    I would have to say the very first movie I cried about was when I was a young would have been "Old Yeller"

    The most recent movie that I can recall tearing me up would be "My Sisters Keeper" I took my daughter to see that movie not really knowing all that much about it and seeing the ending I had to hold the tears back because I was with my daughter. Cancer is a touchy subject with me since my daughter has had cancer 2 times so seeing that movie really brought out the emotion. I generally am not that emotional of a guy except when it comes to things like that.

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    Astro Boy and Toy Story 3, can't think of any more at the moment.......I'll edit if i can think of anymore

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    Schindler's list.

    to name one the few.
    not that many i cry too , some do gove that " lump " in the throat if i word that correctly.
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    Lion King when I was a child, as I had watched the death of my own father before.
    Also the first Pokemon movie. When Ash was dead and all that..

    oh and also Titanic

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    being ex military, when I see movies like Saving Private Ryan, and other movies like that I don't always cry, but it brings a lot of emotion. A lot of Military honors do. Pretty much why I support the troops, and send care packages during the holidays. And trying to help with Operation Helmet.
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    Remember the Titans.

    Best movie about teamwork, ever.

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    I actually sort of cried when Mr. Fredricksons wife died in Up. >.>

    Yes, I am a woman. :O

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    Quote Originally Posted by sagan-man View Post
    Moon, when he was talking to his daughter

    also, in the same movie when the GERTY robot had a sad smiley face
    This as well. Moon was an awesome movie.

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    I recently watched Olboy, and I gotta say that one definitely got me.

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    Kind of a strange one i guess...but Hocus Pocus...yeah, the disney movie with the witches >_< the bit at the end where Binks meets his sister again, every damn time makes me well up >_<

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    The Green Mile and American History X are stories that unhinge me no matter what. If you like The Green Mile movie then make sure to read the book- it's a million times more heart wrenching. I think anyone who's had to put a pet down will cry like a baby at Marley & Me- brings back those feelings

    Oh, I don't think anyone has mentioned this one: Dead Poets Society.

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    Schindler's List. The scenes where Schindler is devastated when he realizes he could've saved so many more jews, but bought a car instead and the very end where the old jews line up to pay respects to his grave. That's some strong stuff.

    However, one of the, if not the saddest scene I've ever seen is in The Shawshank Redemption. The one where Brooks hangs himself.

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    Reign Over Me.

    Seen it 4 times so far and I would gladly watch it again. One of the best performances by Adam Sandler.

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    Grave of the fireflies.

    NO ONE can watch this movie and not be in tears by the end. Saddest movie ever.

    also a million other movies. I cry ALOT.
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