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    Quote Originally Posted by Seolla View Post
    - Whether someone replying can do what you did is irrelevant
    - How much effort and time you guys personally put into the kill is irrelevant
    - 30% Buff makes up way more than not having 25man gears: FACT
    - Therefore, early guilds that have killed it with 0-15%~buff had less stats than you in every way despite them having 25man gears: FACT
    - Therefore, you beat the exact encounter with the exact same mechanics, with more relative stats than 100-300 other guilds that have killed it: FACT

    So to sum it up: These forums are for actual first kills, or some actually amazing first achievements (Rogue Solo Naxx, DK solo OS, etc). It is not for some random guilds (with random mage that doesn't even know how to gear themselves) asking for recognitions for their subpar kill, that they forcefully call it a "4th" by setting an arbitrary requirement.

    Yes, I'm sure it is hard for you guys, and I'm sure it will impress few people, but this is not the place for it. So please stop making these "US first Dragon Kill playing with One Hand without wearing pants!"

    Thank you
    This is what I have said on the previous 10man strict kill threads.

    Quote Originally Posted by Milanor View Post
    Well-deserved congratulations! Best of luck to you in Cataclysm when 10-man strict really gets kicked up a notch!
    Or they get shown that they really aren't as great as they think they are.

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    Haters gonna hate, seriously, try doing this. People whine about how easy 10 man is, try doing it this way. It's HARD. RNG is much more of a bitch and if you lose one person, it's usually a wipe.

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    4th? I thought there were a lot more 10man strict guilds farming him, guess I was wrong;

    Anyway, grats, hope to see 10man guilds prosper in Cata as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by brirrspliff View Post
    wow, you killed the lich king. months and months behind. grz, i think.


    looks not so strict.
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    Quote Originally Posted by klaps_05 View Post
    4th? I thought there were a lot more 10man strict guilds farming him, guess I was wrong;

    Anyway, grats, hope to see 10man guilds prosper in Cata as well
    I wish you the same as poster above. However, strict is kinda.. meh. For now.

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    Grats on the world 4th kill with the intended gearlevel.

    The most people complaining in this thread probably got their LK10 HC kill in full 277 gear. If they even killed it at all.

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    4th eh nice one, big gratz to you... the guild im in is a strict 10 man raid guild, we dont any 25 mans at all and are currently doing lk heroic all geared with icc 10/heroic gear (except maybe the odd person who got a lil icc 25 gear (not heroic tho so only iLvL 264).. weve had 4 solid nights on him so far and are currently at about 35%, making it in and out of the frostmourne phase quite regular now.. slight loadin delays for a couple of folks made this bit a lil awkward for us on the few tries weve had at this point of the fight.. but yea within a week or so we will have killed him im sure..
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    Good job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mamut View Post
    T10 264 ilvl set pieces like chest, head etc can be obtained only with emblems from 25 man.
    wow ur slow u can bu that from badges in 10 mans and random heroic (pre patch and talking 251) then upgrade them to 264 from the marks on 10 man heroic end bosses
    Quote Originally Posted by Sulf View Post
    You actually get a raidspot as a clicker dps


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    Without doubt its harder to get a proper gear setup from 10 mans due to itemisation. (no im NOT talkin item lvl)

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    well,, we finally killed lich king heroic last night.. so not sure where that ranks as us now as a 10 man guild to have killed him .. i think were the only 10 man guild on our realm to have killed him tho, but ill have to check... awesome fight tho
    eres me incase u wanna check
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    Big congratulations!
    And to everyone saying it's not impressive, come back when you'v done it yourself.
    Because I can with all certainty say, you will not make it, EVER.
    Being in a 10man strict means no weapons from 25, no trinkets from 25, no DBW / Dislodged / Sindra / Albacus at all.
    No shadowmourne, yeah.. most top guilds that killed 10LKH had people with shadowmourne, because they just didn't have the gear for him before that, and yet, they were 25manHC-geared.
    Cordination and timing in 10man is alot more important than the 25man fight, concidering 1 misstake will wipe the raid, whilst in 25man, you can spare 1 person @ some point. In 10man, no.. you just can't do that.
    Best trinkets availible for tanks is also a joke. ~Skeleton Key.. wow, imbah.
    Also, gearing in 25's is 3x(maybe even 4x) faster then 10manHC-gearing.
    running 10man HC + 25man / 25man HC, more gear, better gear, MORE emblems.
    10man HC guilds get half the emblem loot and 1/3 of the gear a 25man guild does, thus making it alot more time consuming to grind the gear.

    Even with the 30% buff, it's a damn good accomplishment, many people saying it's not impressive.. I doubt could even make it with a 50% buff.
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    Grats Entro & Unspoken, From one 10man strict raider to another

    Our guild stopped raiding a week or 2 after getting our 10 man drakes, as at that time (i think 15-20% buff) no one for strict had done it, and pretty much no one thought it would happen (i guess they were right)

    I wish the attendance boss hadnt wiped us out, as i think we would have got it down well before anyone else on ourserver, but unfortunatly, 30% buff, 4.0 talents made complete horribles look like superstars on ourserver

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    Shame about the trolling from some people in this thread.

    We are still working towards the LK 10 HC kill at the moment. Progress is very slow however at least there is some progress. Really pleased for you that you have killed this - it gives us a little hope that this can still be done by normal none pro elitest guilds

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonoka View Post
    Cordination and timing in 10man is alot more important than the 25man fight
    No, it isnt. Gear issues aside, this is laughable. Defile is ezmode with 10 people, and 1 valk is extraordinarily hard to fuck up. I'll grant you that gear is harder to come by etc etc, but mechanics wise 10 man is a lot easier than 25.

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    well i must say it was a massive achievement for us,, nearly all of us have only 10 man or 10 man heroic gear (i was tank and only have mainly 251 gear), apart from maybe the odd person who has a lil 25 man gear from the odd pug run a while ago, but not much. so that means it wasnt really a strict 10 man kill but its not far off. but yea mechanics maybe a lil easier with 10 people running away from defile instead of 25 etc, but we ran 3 healers and 5 dps as we couldnt cope with only using 2 healers probly due to gear maybe,we also didnt have a shaman either so no Bloodlust for us, so dps had to be on there toes to kill valks asap, kill raging spirits asap etc,, it was a mega fun tense fight all round, really enjoyed the progress building upto it
    hard work and perseverence finally pays off (also nobody had any lag issues last night which helped immensely lol)
    cheers folks
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    definately not an easy encounter for anyone, so a major gz to you guys as a guild! keep it up

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    Quote Originally Posted by strossus001 View Post
    Not to rain on your parade, but people don't really care about shit like this.

    Posting that you're a 'strict 10man guild' doesn't really mean a whole lot. I'm not sure if you actually know what the gear-quality difference is between 10man heroic and 25man normal.
    Only the 4th time ever done, seems like kind of a big deal to me.

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