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    Wow's most beautiful robes

    There's a whole load of wonderfully rendered clothing in WoW, a lot of people use these to RP and just look damned cool/sexy/awesome.

    in particular certain robes, lots are provided from the world events but in my opinion the best one's are from Vanilla raids and dungeons. I remember a caster friend of mine with a well rendered one from Zul gurub, cant remember what it was called though.

    I love the simple but nice looking Journeymans Robe and the well designed Red Imperial Robe [many color varients of it]

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    Love is in the Air robes are just perfect for a walk in Orgrimmar
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    ooo i already love this thread those are really pretty---have you ever seen the scholarly robe (white with rainbow borders and details)? its like the simple white linen robue with its rich purple accents. my rogue has had it for a nightgown for years ^^ hehe

    the robes that look like the ones moira bronzebeard wears in brd are soo exotic and pretty---they come in a mid-late level 40ish world drop in kind of a goldish yellow, but as soon as i started to write about them i forgot wtf they were called--they look like the robes a genie or a desert dancer would wear--and my resto shaman did for a looooong time i think the name was something like robes of insight. a blue version comes from anquiraj and i saw a pink version once linked to me but havnt found it again since

    also the highborne robes because they look so native american-inspired.
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    Favorite robes:

    - Festival Robe from Lunar Festival in purple color.

    - Robe of Arugal is very nice too.

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    Normal obtainable robes.
    Arcane Robe
    Runecloth Robe

    AQ robes
    Vestment of the Shifting Sands (pink)
    Robes of the Triumvirate (yellow)
    Robes of the Battleguard (orange)
    Robes of the Guardian Saint (teal)

    Kinda robes, the T8 Paladin set.
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    I personally thing Silver-thread robe is one of the best looking ones (also one of the fewer sleeve-less robes)
    Actually the Entire Silver-thread set modelviewer looks absolutely gorgeous.

    And also looks good. All info you need for tanking as a cleric and more
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    I love Robes of Arugal, sad thing is they're going to become unobtainable unless Godfrey randomly drops robes he doesn't wear.

    Robe of Power is another one of my favourites
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    One of the lunar festival robes, can't remember wich, they were all awesome

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    AQ: Vestment of the Shifting Sands (pink)

    I remember all clothies in my guild getting it, but not wanting to wear it. Undead male with that stuff = hilarious!
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    Look no further than the Plain Robe!

    Very easy to obtain, and looks great.
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    I collect cute things for my priest, my favorite is the Merciless Gladiator Satin robes.

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    Spider Web Robe is one of my personal favorites.

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    Meh, about all robes look nice on female toons.

    Back in vanilla i had Robes of the Battleguard on my male human warlock. I felt like a huge banana

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    i like the robes of insight modeled robes from aq

    the Robe of Volatile Power from mc i like this model

    and the one you obtain in draenei starting area from killing the dragon don't know the name

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