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    Darksiders Questions (WARNING - May contain story spoilers)

    So I played Darksiders. Passed it. Went off for a couple of months, and started playing it again. And some things have been bugging me for a while. If you can help me with these, it'd be much appreciated.
    1. The Angels. From what I can see, only 2 angels in the game, Abbadon (spelling?) and Azrael, have real wings. All feathers and bone and stuff. Whereas the other angels (even Uriel) all seem to have Fake "jet pack" wings, which are essentially metal engine shaped things with wierd light blue flamey feathers. Which brings me to my point. Why? Is it because Az and Abbadon are archangels, or what?
    2. !!!!!!!!!!!--SPOILER--!!!!!!!!!!!
    At the end cinematic, when Uriel stabs War, and the seal breaks, is War brought back to life because of the seals power, or because the breaking of the last seal brought him back to life?
    3. I got fairly confused about this. How did Abbadon fake the breaking of the last seal?
    !!!!!!!!!!!End Spoilers!!!!!!!!!!!
    Cheers for any help.
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    1. Probably big wings = big status , but also you should take notice that "modern wings thingy" could be just choice of artistic design so it really doesnt matter

    2. War comes back to life because last seal is broken --->apocalypse begins -->horsemen get their "feel free to kill everything card" which includes immortality (least how i understood)

    3. He did not break it. breaking 6 seals allowed abaddon to begin war against hell without calling in the horsemen... and for some bloody reason war woke up and came to smash things to bits. and as shown in the end after 7th is broken 3 funny colored meteor are falling...
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    Great game. Minor combat complaints, along with problems seeing with the Voidwalker gun, but really great overall.

    To answer your question about the last seal, Abaddon never broke it. The Council knew what he was up to, then purposely gave out a false signal to summon War -- the horsemen who cares naught but for vengeance. The Watcher was then assigned to keep an eye on him and dispose of War after destroying Abaddon, as to prevent word leaking out that the Council actually interceded and ended up being the *real* reason for the Kingdom of Man's downfall. They allowed the apocalypse to happen and chose War because they knew he would do everything in his power just to clear his name -- the perfect tool, basically.

    War survives in the ending simply because he saw Truth. Truth saw himself getting killed, which began doubt. Doubt caused him to stay his hand with Uriel in their duel, which is the main catalyst for the ending; he's altered Uriel's reason for going after the Destroyer. If he had not seen the vision in Eden, War and Uriel would only know that Abaddon became the Destroyer; they wouldn't have known the Council's plans, nor that Abaddon was manipulated, and Uriel would have killed War for vengeance and handed the last seal back in the hands of the Council.

    By knowing Truth and imparting it, he basically ruined the Council with mere words. In this case, War died from sealing the pact (not vengeance) and Uriel broke to seal to make sure the Council's plans were thwarted.

    "The Truth will set you free" basically.

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    Well, I'm not going to explain this as it's already well explained by the above poster.

    Off topic:
    Before I started to search for info about Darksiders,
    I didn't know that much of it was related to bible, just amazing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dewote View Post
    Well, I'm not going to explain this as it's already well explained by the above poster.

    Off topic:
    Before I started to search for info about Darksiders,
    I didn't know that much of it was related to bible, just amazing.
    Kinda funny how that turns out, to me. A really bad book of fiction in turn makes a really great game using said book for a basis.

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