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    Quote Originally Posted by Asmodejjj View Post
    More posts = more E-PEEN for the trolls

    Personally, I assume that those with post counts as high as Lokann's (for example) are esteemed members of the MMO community who actually understand what they post. Unlike 99.9% of the rest of us :P
    Lokann gets most of his information from me

    I thought it was neat hitting 1337 posts.. then havn't really paid attention since. It does help to spot some trolls, however as it's been stated some people just read a lot and when they do post it's mind blowing

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    I don't pay any attention to the post numbers. I look at a few things for different reasons. I look at avatar pics, sigs and location for entertainment/visual purposes. I look at what they actually type for, well...entertainment purposes with the option of adding my opinion to the thread. =D

    I don't think the number of posts that a person has should be something to brag about.

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    Yeah. I post when I have something on my mind or I want to post. I like post count showing because you know who'ds who and who is a troll/poster.
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    We should keep it. It's obviously a way of telling other posters that your da boss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Triggers View Post
    +1, lol?

    Anyway, post count can occasionally be useful. There are certainly still plenty of spam posts that get by despite our best efforts, so it doesn't necessarily mean anything.

    Really, though, I wish people would stop thinking that high post count == "get out of ban free" card. Everyone is equally responsible for following the rules.
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    ouch that seemed nasty when he was most probably replying to Elementiums post.

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    I typically only pay attention to post count for the OP and for the person that I am quoting, or the poster warranting a reply from myself.

    I never really thought of it before, but all I really look for is over a 100 posts with an account over 3 months old. If they fail either one of these I just ignore it. - SWTOR Guild US West Coast PvP

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    I have been posting for year. the number does not matter when all you see is someone post with 1 liners that are obviously just to get more posts. Funny thing is this site has no special rewards like some do for higher count so why bother?

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    Typically if someone has a high post count and has no infractions against them I see them as respectable posters and maybe go a little easier on them and give out the occasional hug.

    If you are here for a long time and don't get in trouble you gain alot of respect from me, for however much that's worth

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phenomina View Post
    Lokann gets most of his information from me
    Oooooooor possibly the other way around.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gungtah View Post
    Not so true. Roleplayers get a huuuuuge boost in post count.
    I have maybe 30 posts or so on the RP forums... though I'm probably gonna boost that with Cata.

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    "Oh yeah? Well mine is THIS big!"

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    Although, the post count makes me go OCD and try to get it to an even number :x
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    1st south park garots... now happy garots... next one must be overdramatic seinen manga garots...
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    I don't think the post count could really measure much. Some people have a low post count, since they really don't have an opinion on the subject, or at least an opinion worth noting.

    I personally don't have that high of a post count, because I usually don't post unless I have something informative or witty (in my opinion, don't judge me!) to say.

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    Most of the people with really high post counts simply dedicate time to the threads they post in.
    Having an actual productive discussion rather that just randomly posting:


    Or they RP...

    Personally I don't see an issue with post count. However, it wouldnt effect me if it could not be viewed.
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    Badpaladin's guide to upping your post count:

    - Take part in discussions in the Paladin forums. We've got so many threads pop up every day that it's pretty hard to keep up.

    Seriously though, post count shouldn't matter any.

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    this thread certainly got all the high post counters to appear, lol at you all getting attracted here to brag but pretend your not

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    Never a good idea to troll in a thread where multiple moderators posted, fyi.

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    i cant express an opinion without being a troll? O_o get over yourself, imo

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    If only there was a posts lurked count. }: Then I could be cool too.

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