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    Question Cata: Expertise for PvP?

    Having seen the pvp gear stats released for Cata i noticed one piece had expertise on it and it got me thinking.

    First i thought it was strange but then i had an epiphany.

    We all know that Cata is changing the way rogues will pvp and the days of stun locking from 100->0 are over. Blizzard wants rogues to be able to fight "toe to toe" and the length of skirmishes is going to increase. Throw in the fact we are gonna be spending less time behind our target then we currently are able to live.

    With all this in mind ive come to the conclusion that stacking expertise to a minimum of 5% parry and dodge reduction is going to be required. My warrior has 5% chance to dodge and parry (base) and even my priest has 4.2% chance to dodge.

    I know currently in arena casters tend to stack spell pen to counter the effects of resistance such as that given by MOTW and perhaps we now need to do the same thing with expertise.

    What do you guys think?

    You gonna get some expertise or just ignore it?

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    I know for a fact the warrior I pvp with on my resto druid already does this,
    so I would guess it is going to be the way for us as well come cata.

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    since it kind of comes on my gear i'll probably have some......

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    depends, sub rogues main damage abileties is from behind Backstab, Ambush, garrote + finishers meaning expertise is less need for it a sub rogue, whereas assassination (combat if it will be viable for pvp) would need if way more, because they attack from infront.

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    Regardless of stunlocking them you should always be attacking from the rear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gabrield View Post
    Regardless of stunlocking them you should always be attacking from the rear.

    Just do it the same way you do it in real life and you will be fine.

    Do you stack expertise IRL?

    If not, don't worry about it.

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    a better question is, will it be viable to gem the expertise cap without it completely gimping your offensive stats?

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    My question is ... why the heck are we in need of expertise? I don`t need expertise now on live, why would i need in cata? Is parry/dodge getting buffed?
    Rogues don't do buffs or other group things. If you want a hug ask the Paladin.

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    Expertise is present only on shoulders. You can easily skip this set piece.

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    Expertise is NEVER EVER a viable stat for PvP regardless of who stacks it or what reason they give.

    The classes that you would need expertise against have a ridiculously high chance to dodge (see hunters and rogues) and 5% reduction (for which you'll be sacrificing quite a bit of other stats) is never going to be enough.

    I'm pretty sure the gear just isn't itemized properly and they're going to change it. Either that or they want the expansion to start out giving lame stats (like in Vanilla) and as you progress, the gear from new tiers will have stats you'd prefer more.
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    You don't need to keep expertise on your shoulders.


    Who attacks from the front ever?

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    expertise soft cap is the same as hit soft cap, a avoided kidneyshot or gouge can cost you glad
    example, look at his pants

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    Quote Originally Posted by Retador View Post
    expertise soft cap is the same as hit soft cap, a avoided kidneyshot or gouge can cost you glad
    example, look at his pants
    Have to say im in agreeance with this guy.

    Whilst we should always be attacking from behind ive found from testing on the PTR its become increasingly difficult.

    Mages have proven to be the biggest shock to me. Arcane mages now get a knock back, fire mages already have a knock back effect from blast wave and Frost mages have a root effect when ice barrier breaks and to boot all mages have access to blazing speed which is an absolute nightmare. All these things mean having to pop sprint and approach the mage from front with an attempted gouge/KS. We all know how frustrating it is in this situation to have that gouge/KS dodged.

    If you're a sub rogue things are made easier with ShS but i can guarantee that 20 sec CD is gonna seem like i lifetime in many situations.

    With the increase in health pools and thus longer battles im convinced that Blizzard will achieve the "tug of war" effect that they seek. This ultimately means our opponents will get their chance to react and use abilities to control us/put us at distance. Its going to become a much larger proportion of our gameplay to gap close, avoid/break CC and get behind our opponents.

    One thing to consider, when your fighting. Technically you should never be able to get behind opponents. I know for a fact if a rogue is involved in toe to toe with me he cant. By mouse turning on the spot you eliminate the possibility for your opponent to do that. Sure, you can gouge but ill instantly, on revival, turn my toons to face the rogue. Only lesser skilled players are able to do this. Im planning to gear myself to stand up to these players that make getting behind them nearly impossible to do.

    Whilst i havent explored all class' new abilities/talents etc. Here is one further example of food for thought;

    How do rogues intend to get behind an arms warrior when a second application of Hamstring roots you to the spot?

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    Experties softcap is the same as hit soft cap in PvE..

    A player has more than 6.5% dodge unless a clothie

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