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    LFG comic

    I was just thinking why the LFG comic hasn't been posted on MMO-Champ yet, since both Dark Legacy Comics and Teh Gladiators are posted whenever they are out.

    LFG comic is a really fun comic I think every Wow fan should read.

    Incase you want to read it here is the link

    It's been out for a while so there are a total of 395 pages of the series.

    You guys should read them all, it's worth it!

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    probably because it's not about wow anymore(if it ever was) it has grown into a story on it's own just inspired by wow

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    I have read them all, and I hate them all.

    Don't read it. DON'T!
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    I use to love reading those, they were quite funny back in the days. Now it's just boring. Richard has lost all cool points and only once in awhile punt gnomes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildstaff View Post
    probably because it's not about wow anymore(if it ever was) it has grown into a story on it's own just inspired by wow
    I agree with what the green haired Gnome said
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    teh gladiators started off ok, but after the first 20 pages it went to complete shit

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    I started reading it a few weeks ago, I'm all caught up and I'm kinda like... what? WTF is going on? its like the TV show "Lost" on paper and about wow <.<

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    I think boub did post some LFG links way back when, but really It has gone really far off from being wow related.

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    LFG is almost as bad as teh gladiators

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    Ah well I still think its the best out there. Its like sadistic said, abit like Lost but about wow. I just cant stop!
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    LFG is more amusing that Teh Gladiators. I like the art style of both strips. But with the latter... any time you have to add a lengthy explanation of what you just read underneath it to make sense of it, something's wrong.
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    Teh Gladiators has its moments. LFG is crap. It's too much like WoW...without actually being WoW. Dark Legacy is the best!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chomag View Post
    I think even the writers of LFG have no ideea where the story is going.
    Dark Legacy is actually funny.
    Teh gladiators is garbage. If it was paper, I would use it instead of toilet paper.
    Dark Legacy CAN be funny, when they are not over doing the same joke over and over (Kid pushing for example)

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