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    Quote Originally Posted by krasgoth View Post
    Yeah, because I can totally see Blizzard releasing the game after Christmas instead of before it.

    Releasing things after people want to buy them... no.
    Well, they did it with The Bruning Crusade (January 16th 2007) so I dont see why they wouldnt do it again. It's not like they're losing subscribers. People will buy it ANY day it comes out.

    And I personally want it to be release before the holidays cause I'd then have free time to level up to 85 within a couple of weeks. If it comes out in January I'll only have about an hour a day to play

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    All this pushing back dates make me sick to my stomach. I pray to God Amazon are wrong.

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    My 2 cents, While i would love to see Cata come out this year, i would much prefer it to be released in its most polished form as possible, so if that means January so be it. I have my preorders done, now i wait, yes it is frustrating in that Wrath is getting boring for most, but come on, don't you have anything else to do if WoW is currently THAT boring to you? Give Blizz a break, this Expac is massive in comparison, they are working hard to make sure it is as right as they can possibly get it.

    Typical of today's society to want everything yesterday. Shit happens people and sometimes (actually a lot of times) projects get pushed back. Patience people. It will be ready, when it's ready!

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    Since they've never announced an official release date, technically the dates have never been pushed back. (Although internally, they probably have been pushed). Anyone who works in the software industry knows this can happen. I work for a relatively small software company, and we have to occasionally push release dates for one reason or another. It happens, its normal. They intentionally don't announce release dates early because of it.

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    am i the only one on here that saw December 7th and the first thing that ran thru my head was...why would they do that on the 69th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

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    its good to see that blizz is working hard on the mage changes

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    Someone should let them know Dec. 7th. Is pearl harbor day in USA and it might not be a date to release a game or exp pack on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vaeevictiss View Post
    am i the only one on here that saw December 7th and the first thing that ran thru my head was...why would they do that on the 69th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.
    Because life goes on and people need to get over shit, especially after 69 years. If someone wants to sit in their room and cry all day on the 7th, that's fine, but don't try to spoil the fun for other people.

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    Guys you know blizzard just pulled a BIG joke on everyone right? I'll quote the main website from Azeroth Bulletin about Operation: Gnomeregan

    "Speaking to a small conglomerate of various Alliance representatives, Mekkatorque pointed out that the time to strike is now. After all, Thermaplugg has eluded death for years to keep his reign over Gnomeregan; and with the fall of the Lich King, the last great threat to the citizens of Azeroth, the chance of any cataclysmic event taking place in the foreseeable future is "less than 12.7%," Mekkatorque's leading combat medical advisor Doc Cogspin purported."

    yeah pwn hehe

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    Warrior set looks like my Templar set in AION .. lulz.

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    Still hoping to get into beta

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    Quote Originally Posted by Argroth View Post
    I've seen a lot of this "boo hoo, I'll be doing army stuff by then" crap.
    1) I would think army people would be a lot less whiny about what is essentially a fantasy setting game (unlike the more brain-washy real-lifelike stuff with guns and things)
    2) Don't join the useless army and stop complaining. Either you made that bad choice yourself (enjoy getting killed fighting a country who was actually a direct threat at the time (WMDs?), give you a hint:Not Bin Laden) or someone stupid forced you into it. There is the unlikely chance that you joined for the health and job benefits but simply forgot that you could die for nothing as well.
    Apparently your stupid ass has never been the military. People that join do it out of a sense of honor and duty. So next time your mom brings your fat ass a snack down in her basement, remember that men in that useless Army died for. Your right to be an obese loser.

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    blizz just confirmed dec. 7 as the day cata is coming out! U can check on the world of warcraft website mmo champion was actually right!

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    Warrior T11 looks fucking amazing.

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