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    woot cant w8t for the mount even tho my bank toon is my alchemy toon its a 80 mage may have to start playing him

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    Okay, well now I'll agree with the masses. Beast Mastery is looking to have been returned to it's former status of a leveling spec. I'll try it out after the patch goes up, but those numbers are very disappointing.

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    Well hunters get screwed again, seems like every update damage %'s and scales are lowered and cooldowns are increased.

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    still no pattern for Bsa to get 460 yay!

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    Beast Mastery
    Kill Command now scales from 35% of RAP, down from 63% of RAP.
    Bestial Wrath now causes 20% additional damage, down from 50%.
    Focus Fire now has a 30 sec cooldown, up from 15 sec.
    Mastery: Master of Beasts now increases damage done by your pets by 13.6%, down from 20%. Each point of Mastery increases pet damage by 1.7%, down from 2.5%.

    Aimed Shot base damage increased by 14%
    Mastery: Wild Quiver now grants a 14.4% (down from 16%) chance for your ranged attacks to also instantly fire an additional ranged shot for 100% normal damage (up from 50%). Each point of Mastery increases the chance by 1.8%, down from 2%.

    Mastery: Essence of the Viper now increases all elemental damage you deal by 8% (down from 20%). Each point of Mastery increases elemental damage by 1%, down from 2.5%.

    Good god... WHY?
    Ok, the first KC nerf was called for. It hits NORMAL now, thank you very much. Why are you nerfing it again? The Focus Fire nerf doesn't make any sense at all, and the BW nerf is just way over the top.

    Marksmanship? Eh? MM sucks atm, yes, you can spam Arcane Shot because Chimera Shot sucks but that justifies an Arc Shot nerf, not a Wild Quiver nerf. As for survival... No words. Just no words. Survival is way way way undertuned at the moment, and they nerf it?

    If this goes live I'll be playing my Priest as my main this expac, thank you.

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    What? What the fuck? Warrior threat got buffed from 40% to 125%? How did this happen?

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    lol even moar resto nerfs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hheebo View Post
    What? What the fuck? Warrior threat got buffed from 40% to 125%? How did this happen?
    Until now Warriors have seemed... Quite unable to generate threat properly. Seems intended to fix that.
    Quote Originally Posted by smrund View Post
    Possibly, but you're the one calling a man a unicorn because he's got a cone taped to his head.
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    Nothing on prot pallies. I sincerely hope that means they're working on something to change the current problems on the ptr. ie: 13.5 seconds into a fight before using SotR and the gaps in the new whack-a-mole playstyle they're pushing. Not to mention pushing WoG in prot so hard is just silly.

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    Nice to see Blizzard named all the new weapon enchants after Gatorade flavors....

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    Pyroblast! - with a !
    No wonder the game is called WoW! :-D

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    GG blizz for pretty much destorying BM again.. i hope this changes...
    i mean beta is beta.. right? :\

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    Quote Originally Posted by hheebo View Post
    What? What the fuck? Warrior threat got buffed from 40% to 125%? How did this happen?
    Defensive Stance now increases threat by 125%, up from 100%.


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    Why do Warlocks keep getting nerfed

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    ANOTHER boomkin nerf? Wow, goodbye any chance I had in PvP

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    I'm liking the paladin changes, atleast it's something :P

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    Aww shit, it's friggin Pyroblast! I feel like doing more DPS already!

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    nice rogue buffs, now with recuperate, finally able to deal with every class in a 1v1 scenario <3

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    So since the mount is BOP does that mean it will be Alch only?

    Would be stupid if it wasn't, would be the only profession mount you could use without the profession.

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    I'm sure rogues will appreciate this build.

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