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    Meh, this sucks.

    Now I need to choose if I want to do Lich King hc 25 for fun, or Lich King hc 10 so I finally get the achievement.
    What a waste of good raids.

    Flexiblle Raid Lock System leave us alooooone! Come with Cata, don't bug us now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kisko View Post
    Very sad news.

    Merged 10/25 lockouts and absence of per boss difficulty setting should never hit live WoTLK realms. These changes are tuned for Cataclysm raids, not for ICC.

    Please, leave as alone for another 2 months and don't force us to beta test 4.0 on live, there is a PTR realms for that.
    I agree with this. If they aren't combining the loot and achievements they have no reason to implement these changes in Wrath.

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    Lame idea, I'd understand this in Cata as well. Not Icc.

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    It's great! nothing to add really... Can't wait for changes to go live.

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    So joining a guild would probably be best thing to do. I think this new Flexible Raid Lockout will make it easier for people to ninja loot, since you won't be saved to that specific group and raid ID. Thay can ninja Marrowgars loot, log off and the next day join another raid group or start another group of unsuspecting raiders and ninja the next boss.

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