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    How will this laptop run WOTLK / Cata?


    I'm just about to start WOW again (once I get my new computer) and I'd like to know what to expect with this comp, could I run it with atleast med~ settings?

    Acer AS5551
    - Windows 7 ® Home Premium 64 bit
    - AMD Athlon II X2 processor P320 (2.1 GHz)
    - 3 GB RAM
    - 250 GB harddrive
    - 15,6 “LED HD (1366*768 16:9)

    Grafic card I dont know as the company I ordered it from didnt list it so I assume its a built in one. (I bought it togeather with my mobilbroadband and this comp is all I can afford atm).

    I think its this card; Radeon HD 4250

    So, can this run WOTLK / Cata at a decent setting? Like 20 fps in raids atleast?

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    you will run at 20 fps, but only while questing. that is an old / weak CPU and if you have integrated graphics that will hurt a lot. cataclysm (from how it sounds so far) you'll be lucky to get 10-20fps while questing

    you would be lucky to get 10fps on medium in a raid with that setup in wotlk
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    Video is a Palit GTS450. Main display is a 24" full HD TV. Secondary display is an ACER 19" lcd at 1440x900.

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