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    Running out of HD space

    I have 3gb of hard drive space left after downloading the patches . I cannot understand what is my computers problem I am not going to have enough room to install cata form the disk unless I find space on my HD . Ok now my computer is 4 years old and I only have a 70Gb hard drive . getting a new computer is not an option right now . I dont have porn , games or anything large on my hard drive just a few small programs here and there mayeb that total 3-4 gigs ...other then that all i have is windows .

    Wow takes up like 22Gb of my hard drive so i figure between what i can account for I should have about maybe at most 30 gigs being used ...where is the other 40 gigs ? I have looked in every folder I can find and there is nothing taking up space ? Does window hide garbage in places and can anyone give me an idea how to find where windows is hiding 40 gigs worth of crap ?? Thanks

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    Not that awesome with computers but Windows will take up a small chunk on the HDD but first 2 things to do would be Run disk Clean up and Disk Defragment. After both of them if you havnt run them in a while will probaly free up a few Gigs of memory.

    Always option of buying an External Hard drive they load a bit slower then the actaul Hard drive in your computer but will give you alot more space to put things and a Decent one wouldnt cost more then $80 Aussie

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    Good ideas thank you . I will look into the disk stuff and also I will look at how useful external hard drives are . ive not used one in years and years but they used to be almost useless guess I will see ..lol

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    Get two drives in raid0.
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    Try seeing what ccleaner has to say.

    But really get a bigger harddrive. They are dirt cheap. Find or burn out your recovery DVD and install windows on the new drive.

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