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    Bio: Masha Earthsong

    Masha Earthsong, last Shodo-Pan of the Greentouch Clan.

    95, considered to the equivalent of the 20's in pandaren years.


    Wise and caring for the earthmother, still holds his indepentancy from the Horde or Alliance. He has a great sense of humour though most of his jokes are pretty dry. He enjoys nothing more than having a cup of Jasmine Tea or a pint of ale with a complete stranger and loves adventure. Without these interactions he quickly becomes depressed and reclusive as his mind fills with grief over the loss of his clan. He also plays many wind instruments and from his travels he has learnt Common, Darnassian, Dwarven, Taurahe, and Thalassian as well as his native tongue.

    History of the Shodo-Pan:

    Once, there was only one shodo-pan at any one time. Hailed as the mightiest scion of the pandaren people and emperor of the empire, the shodo-pan was the blessed of the very spirits of the pandaren people. With the fall of the old empire, the term "shodo-pan" has come to reflect not a single ruler, but the heads of the various pandaren clans.

    A shodo-pan is unique, in that he straddles the two worlds - the physical and the spiritual. Though he is a capable wardancer, the shodo-pan must also understand and practice the arts of the geomancers, for there are times when the two forms of practice must overlap. In the rare times when the spirits of a place cannot be appeased, the shodo-pan must dance war against them. And, just as the geomancers minister to the needs of the spirits of the land, the shodo-pan ministers to the needs of the spirit of the pandaren people.

    The pandaren honor and revere their shodo-pans as the living embodiment of their people's spirit. Indeed, it is said that the ancestors of the pandaren whisper in the ears of the geomancers who will be a clan's next shodo-pan. There is no nobility among the pandaren, for any of the wardancers or geomancers might be chosen as the next shodo-pan.

    When that happens, the prospective shodo-pan is taken away from his first discipline and taught the other. Geomancers are forbidden to use their spirit-arts until they have mastered the wardance; likewise, young wardancers must put away their armor and shaktani warblades to learn the Hundred Spirit Songs of the geomancers.

    In combat, the shodo-pan are capable of bringing great force to bear, for they dance war as well as any wardancer. Yet their power is augmented by their geomantic knowledge — instead of a troop of pikemen, the shodo-pan may be aided by a gathering of rock elementals and other spirits.

    He may summon spirits to possess his blade, so that it strikes faster, surer, and with more deadly accuracy. The centaur khans are right to fear the coming of the shodo-pan.


    Masha is both a wardancer and geomancer, making him close to a enhancement shaman and would combat in the same way, with unique abilities in place of specified enhance shaman abilities. Masha does not use totems, but calls on earth wind and fire to enhance his wardancing and his Pan-spear.

    Earth Enhanced Strikes

    Replacement for Windfury and Stormstrike: Adds additional bonus damage to the next three strikes dealt by Mashas' Pan-Spear, with the third knocking the opponent into the air.

    Gale Force Crescent Sweep

    Replacement for Chain Lightning and Fire Nova : Wind spirits make Mashas' Pan-Spear as light as a feather, allowing him to sweep it around him at lightning speed, deals double weapon damage and is shared between affected targets, minimum 65% weapon damage.

    Searing Battle Cry

    Replacement for Windfury Totem and Bloodlust: Lets loose a firey battle cry, drastically increasing Mashas' attack speed for 10s. In addition with each melee stirke dealt, his cooldowns on the above abilities are reduced allowing him to use them more rapidly. (Maximum use of above abilities limited to twice during battle cry)

    Summon: Hei Bai

    Replacement for greater elemental summon totems and Feral Spirit: Summons Mashas' spiritual companion, Hei Bai, to the physical world to protect Masha for a few minutes.

    Mashas' Story:

    I was born into the great empire of Pandaria as it was disbanding; I don’t remember much of it as I was a young child. The reason we all left still remains unknown to me, maybe the empire became too political. Never the less, we went almost nomadic, our families and friends formed the Greentouch clan. The clan was lead by one of the sons of the last mighty Shodo-Pan of the entire empire, the sons we’re all chosen by the spirits as Shodo-Pans of their respective clans in post empirical culture of our people.

    All my wisdom of our history comes from the stories told by my father, who was one of those sons and he lead us to times of great peace and prosperity. As I grew up I began to train with my father and the other men of the tribe to become a war-dancer. We would often visit the other clans nearby, namely the Stormstout Clan as my Father could not get enough of their ales. I was shown drunken panda style which I thought more as comedy than a style of martial art or war-dance, though it had its merits, never had I ever seen something so unpredictable.

    After mastering the art of war-dancing I set forth into the world and explored the barren planes for years and years in solitude, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it, though I missed the Greentouch clan all the same. I stayed away from the big cities, stuck to the smaller towns and almost always went off the beaten track. Many times I would come across young adventurers all by themselves and would offer them tea in exchange for the many stories they had. There were certain ones that had heads bigger than mine, mostly those troublesome gnomes and goblins, especially goblins, I just don’t understand the, “everything has a price” lifestyle. I’m not one to judge but it goes against nearly everything dad told me.

    One day within the depths of Ashenvale Forest, during the winter solstice, I was snoozing under a great tree, my brim hat covering most of my face and the forest canopy shading me from the sun. All of a sudden I awoke, to start off I was unsure why but when I rose my head there was a giant panda in front of me. I was startled to say the least but almost felt warmed by its presence, I cautiously approached it and began to softly pat it, as I did it rolled over and I scratched its tummy, it made happy noises. After a while it stood back up and it motioned for me to jump on its back. He took off, I nearly flew right off but I gripped for my life, never have I experienced such speed, we quickly made our way through the wilderness; it felt like he was taking me home.

    He was, and he did. I dismounted from the great beast and went to the shore; staring at the island I could see only flame and smoke. My village was gone; I fell to my knees, that image forever etched into my memory. As I stared, I spotted someone clambering up the shore; I immediately got up and sprinted over to the poor soul, leaving my spear and bags with the beast. What happened next well... that has defined me as who I am today.
    As I neared the pandaren, her identity became apparent, “MUM!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, I quickly ran to her side and came to a skidding stop on my knees next to her, holding her hand as I turned her over and tried to help her.

    “Masha... my darling little boy. I am so proud of you” She spoke bleakly, though as she did she reached up to scratch me behind the ear like she did when I was a cub.

    “Mother, what happened? Where is everyone else? How can this happen, where is dad?” I was a mix of emotions, confused, upset, angry and yet my mind still could not fathom what had happened even though it sat there despairingly in front of me staring me in the face.

    “Masha... a few years ago your father passed away...no one knew why either he just never woke up one morning...” She then coughed for a good half a minute before continuing. “We lost our greatest guardian that day and it seemed our spirits dwindled as well......We then were no match for the invaders; I don’t know why they attacked... They were so merciless.... I barely managed to...” She continued to cough; I wrapped one of my paws around the back of her head to help her breathe clearer.

    “Dad...how could they... who? Are you ok?” My emotions were getting the better of me.

    “It is my time dear Masha.... I am proud of you and I know your father would be too. Never look back Masha......... never.....”

    She lay limp in my arms; her spirit had left the world.

    The great panda approached me from behind and lay a paw on my back. What happened next changed me, the great panda showed me that I was to be the Shodo-pan, and embodied within me was the spirit of my people. They’re physical forms are gone but the spirits of my people live within me. The panda then revealed himself as the great forest spirit Hei Bei, or Black White. He became my spiritual guardian and guide as the last Shodo-Pan of my clan.

    Over the last few years I have been training with the Stormstout clan geomancers adapting my war-dancing accordingly. It has been tough but they have been very supportive, and with a lot of bitter work and many years of training and uh... drinking, I became a fully trained Shodo-Pan.
    I now journey the world as I did once before, looking for more stories to hear and company to keep my mind at ease. Who knows what would happen if this creeping feeling of being alone forever consumes me.
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    Not the longest story, but not too short either.
    And was the drinking included in the traning to become a Shodo-Pan, or did i just misunderstand?

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    I don't know!
    Like it. I'm still new to this whole role-playing thing, but it was a good story!

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    You think I should maybe lengthen it or you think its just right?

    Chen Stormstout is the brewmaster of their clan. I guess some of those stronger potent brews would help geomancers =P

    Plus they're Pandarens, so drinking tea and ales is what its all about, Masha likes jasmine tea better than ale though.

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    Hard to say.. some people don't liek to read longer things, however if it's longer there will very likley be more details in it.
    But... since you asked me.. i think it's just right.

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    Oh, I love!
    In fact... I've been looking for a Pandaren for a little something I have planned.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellié View Post
    Oh, I love!
    In fact... I've been looking for a Pandaren for a little something I have planned.
    Oooo Squee!! do let me know via PM or something =P and thanks for the love =D

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