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    /cast [@mouseover,harm]Holy Word: Chastise
    /cast [@mouseover,help]Holy Word: Serenity
    /cast Holy Word: Sanctuary

    try this one.

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    Holy smoke, guys. Read the date of the post you're replying to. This thread is a year and a half old.

    MCSpriest brought it back to the front to ask a specific question about tooltips. His question is the current discussion.

    read the damned thread. OP was answered.... over a year ago.

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    The following macro works for all chakra states (including #showtooltip).

    /cast Holy Word: Chastise

    Since you wanted some special conditions, I would recommend:

    /cast [@mouseover,exists][] Holy Word: Chastise

    If you're in Chastise state and you use [@mouseover,help] then you'll just throw an error. Conversely, if you're in a heal state and you use [@mouseover,harm] you'll get the same error. Its better to just use [@mouseover,exists] and don't mouse over the wrong person.
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