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    Bio: Hekate Ravenwing

    ((Here goes nothing. It's still a WIP, comments and critiques are more than welcome!))

    Name: Hekate Ravenwing

    Age: Looks around 120, true age is unknown.

    Race:Blood Elf / Shivarra hybrid.

    Gender: Female

    Class: Warlock

    Affiliation/Alignment: Burning Legion (appears as one of the Horde) Chaotic Neutral.

    Language: Thalassian, Eredun, Common, minor Kalimdoran, minor Nazja.

    Often seen with a pleased smile on her face, Hekate comes across as a laid back, self-confident character. Though this is true, the female is also highly paranoid due to various reasons, and tries her best to keep that aspect of herself a secret. Appears to be quite friendly, social and even giving at times, in truth, is quite manipulative. Hardly seen angry or displeased. Has extreme trust issues, and will allways have a "back up plan", even if it consists of a swift exit. Enjoys making fun of things. Professional liar. Extremely curious. "Modest."

    Enjoys mind tricks and anything that will boggle her mind. Loves secrets and revealing them. Loathes being alone for more than a few hours. Fascinated by magic, loves reading and solving problems. Enjoys observing before persuing. Dislikes being around other warlocks, detests hot headed, reckless beings that barges staright into action before thinking. Enjoys a pint of drink from time to time, but dislikes any state where her mind is blurred. Scared of spiders for some reason she can't recall.

    Long, straight black hair that is just a bit longer than shoulder length, slender figure. Long, thin fingers, around 6'. Long ears often adorned with various silver earrings as well as a single lipring over her full, small lips. Oval shaped head and "doe" eyes, long eyelashes. Bright green iris. Milky white, soft skin, allmost pristine. Black markings over back done by another Shivarra priestess, Lady Vyrra, branded with fel flames, which is the reason of her clothing of choice, concealing her back at all times.

    True form:
    Hekate is half shivarra, standing at around 7-8 feet, quite small for the rest of the demonkin. Unlike most shivarra, Hekate only has 4 arms instead of six in her natural form, and still carries her blood elven frame, slender with long ears. At this point, she has silver glowing eyes and long black hair, an ashen white skin tone similar to Mother Shahraz, which hints of her heritage.

    Excells at demonology, Hekate is quite strong, but is worthless in melee combat. Though quite agile and allways carries a dagger with her at all times, the female is weak in physical strength unless she switches to her true form, that of a half Shivarra. Even then she is in disadvantage. Her paranoia and fear of spiders doesn't help as well. Often calls upon demons to do her bidding in battles.



    "Mother, what's happening?"

    The elven child's eyes gazed upon the oncoming waves vile creatures, distorted images, upon the shores of Kalimdor. As they crept closer, the scent of fell flames grew sickeningly thick. Blue eyes watched, both curious and afraid. What did these creatures? Some flew, some didn't. Some were large, and some were very small. Some had scary spikes, some had scary weapons, and some didn't needed anything to look scary. Small hands clutched the cloth of the Sin'dorei woman's robes, as if wanting to bury herself inbetween the ruffles and hide away from the beings.

    Arelinne's eyes closed tighter as the painfull memories returned. She couldn't open her eyes, and even though she did, it seemed to be veiled. Had they not taken themselves to Kalimdor, to relax, to break away from all that had caused pain and sorrow? A vacation, her beloved had said. Now.. now she felt like her body was on fire. Her magic had left her, and her child.. By the Sunwell, her little Myra. And what about her husband, Tamrauille? Where.. where were they now?

    The elven woman heard growls surrounding her. Chatter that meant nothing, hissing and spatting out words as they loomed closer. Arelinne stood perfectly still, as if he had a choice. She felt the bounds around her wrists and ankles. They weren't shackles, yet they held her perfectly in place as she laid there on top of a flat, cold platform. She felt the jagged surface of the platform scrape at her back whenever she even made the slightest of movements. Her breathing grew heavier as her kidnappers inched closer. Now their voices were very clear, but Arelinne didn't understand a thing. It was slurred, allmost beastial, then it was like a hissing voice, followed by growling, and a croaking noise which the woman assumed as laughter. The overwhelming scent made her insides scream in disgust, such a foul stench that eminated from her captors! She felt a wave of warmth, an unholy warmth, loom over her. The attention was on her now, she could feel their gazes on herself. What were they planning? They had fallen silent, and Arelinne heard another approach. The newcomer let out a shriek-like sound which made her blood curdle. This one sounded like a female, and it spoke in shriek-like sounds. Then everything went silent. Until she spoke..

    "You'll be of use," the female being had said. "The master will be pleased with our progress."

    "Where's my child?" Arelinne had managed to ask. "Where's Myra?!"

    "She was a fine specimen."

    Arelinne felt her heart stop, and sink. Was, the being had said. "Wh-what have you done to my daughter?!"

    Her voice echoed in her mind. It mattered not what had happened from now on. She was as good as dead, but her daughter. Myra.. The memories throbbed inside her head, the shrilling cackle of the she-demon filled her brain, she could still remember her last words before the an immense pain eminated from her belly. A cry tore out from her throat as her body felt like it was lit up like a torch, the agony was unbearable yet she had survived to feel the pain for a few seconds which seemed like a decade. Myra, my sweet little baby, my sweet little princess, the song lingered in her mind as she slowly succumbed into the beckoning darkness.

    "She will be more usefull to us after we're done."


    Hekate is a blood elf/shivarra hybrid, crafted by the Shivan themselves, as an experiment. In her elven life, she was named Arelinne Sunsong, married to Tamrauille, and had a daughter, Myra. Her memories of that life has been erased, her flesh was shattered and remade, crafted and molded in with a fallen Shivan member in the Black Temple, during Magtheridon's reign over it. She was raised by the Shivan and the Succubi, taught to use her mind, body and magic efficiently. Hekate soon evolved into a lethal weapon, mastering shapeshifting and her mastery over the fel flames of the nether.

    The blood elven woman was not fully a Shivarra, as she only had mere features of one. She had raven black hair in her Shivan form, and only four arms instead of the usual six. She was also much shorter than the rest of the demon priestess, and was half as skilled as they were. Yet, her ability to tap into magic easily had made her valuable to the Burning Legion. She cared not for how the Shivan treated her for being an obscure mess of both Shivarra and Sin'dorei, her life became training, keeping her mind off the unanswered questions. Why was she seen as a weakling in the Shivan's eyes? Why was she looking different? Why could she shapeshift into a Sin'dorei, when she had not seen any other Shivan take any other form? Having no idea who she used to be back in life, Hekate's only entertainment had turned into playing with felhunters.

    By the time Kael'thas Sunstrider joined forces with Illidan, Hekate made her way through the Dark Portal, and found herself in a foreign land, in Blasted Lands. She was taught thoroughly over the lands of Azeroth, and the inhabitants, which resulted in her taking her Sin'dorei form, and headed to Silvermoon City. Tearing at her robes, she told of Illian's betrayal, and begged for to be taken in, hiding within the Sin'dorei, away from the Legion, and away from everything else. She introduced herself as a Warlock and adopted the surname Ravenwing on a whim, and still remains within the Blood Elven kind. Though she had no motivation nor purpose in her escape to Azeroth, for now residing in Silvermoon City, Hekate is now, in some manner, slumbering, waiting for her opportunities to come, mimicing a Horde warlock, the city unknown to her, a heritage alien to her, though she had came from the very city she lives in now.

    As to what happened to her daughter and husband, Myra was turned into one of the first Felblood elves, was renamed Mirra Felflare, and Tamrauille is announced as deceased, when in truth, he has simply disappeared. It is unknown to what exactly had happened to Tamrauille, even though he had fought valliantly against the Legion and failed. Theories are that he had fallen into the see after the Well of Eternity's explosion, or had been taken to Outlands like Myra and Hekate.

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    A rather interesting story thus far, can't wait til theres more, and will be fun to see what kind of RP's you will get into aswell.

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    Looking forward to the development of the character further in this story =) Great work so far!

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    There, done for now! I can write the whole story mode down sometime. Feel free to poke in ideas or correct me <3

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