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    Bio - Mistress Lahrein.

    Name: Lahrein.

    Race: Man'ari Eredar.

    Class: Warlock/Mage.

    Age: Roughly 27000 years old.

    Birthplace: Argus.

    Alignment: Chaotic Evil.

    Affiliation: Burning Legion, Eredar.

    Relatives: Unknown.

    Strengths: Merciless and without compassion, she tears the souls of her enemies from their bodies, only after tormenting them fully. She is a skilled practicioner of fel magic, and a powerful manipulator, with the power to make anyone do her bidding. She can also unleash the souls of those harvested, in her amethyst coloured necklace, when required.

    Weaknesses: She despises the Light and its virtues, yet she fears it to a certain degree too. She is frail and weak when it comes to more close encounters, but she can still defend herself enough using other means, namely deception and magic.

    Current Location: Somewhere in the Nether, but most likely on Argus.

    Man'ari Eredar - http://i.imgur.com/cuKu3.jpg
    Draenei Guise - http://i.imgur.com/g7R7t.jpg

    Personality: Cruel, heartless, and lacks compassion. She is merciless in combat, and reflects the darker side of the Legion. She has sworn to hunt the Draenei to the ends of the Nether, with an oath to eradicate them. She cares not for love or friendship, and takes pride when she kills another. She finds joy in breaking apart bonds between people, and enjoys controlling individuals to do her bidding.

    Lahrein was a skilled, yet young and naive sorceress when Sargeras came. She practiced her Arcane ways for years, weaving her spells perfectly, but she craved for more. Her will for power was never fully accomplished, yet her wishes for more were answered when the Destroyer came to their world. Along with Archimonde and Kil'jaeden, she joined the Dark Titan as he transformed them into beings of demonic power. She lavished this, and eagerly followed their new ways of cruelty and deciet. Spreading her grasp upon magic further, as she delved into the unknown, she came to possess and master these new arts quite quickly.

    As she saw Velen flee with the Naaru, she was ultimately disgusted at his act. She labeled them betrayers, as the rest of her Man'ari kin did. Sworn to hunt them since that day, she remained on Argus for a short duration longer to sort remaining matters and to collect what was neccessary for her journey across the Nether. Secretly following Talgath from world to world as they were on the heels of the now named Draenei, they were never successful in completely locating them. Yet, milennia later, they had been discovered. Discovered on a world that they had come to name Draenor.

    As Kil'jaeden took charge of this operation, and began to unfold a grand scheme of things upon this planet, Lahrein returned back to Argus to continue her studies of the dark arts. She learned of many new traits in the process, and became a sly yet vicious manipulator. She decieved those around her, and was deadly when she was required in actual combat. When news had reached their world of the defeat and extinction of the Draenei at the hands of the Orcs at the battle of Shattrath, Lahrein was dissapointed. Instead of being present at the destruction of her sworn emeies, she was assigned to further duties on other worlds in the Nether.

    She spent the following years in servitude of the Legion, on many fronts, commanding their forces to victory. Giving herself the title of mistress, she became a merciless killing machine to those who defiled the will of the Legion. Entire worlds crumbled under their might. She took pleasure in ripping the souls of her enemies from their bodies, storing them away in an amethyst coloured necklace that she wore. Ony when it was truly required, she would unleash the power held within. The souls would be manipulated to devour anything that they encountered.

    When she was sent to a new front, Azeroth, she gladly accepted. Summoned to this ancient world by the Scourge under their will, they attacked the World Tree of the Night Elves. She murdered innocents, taking pleasure and collecting trinkets from those that she killed. Invigorated by the bloodshed, she continued as they slaughtered all those that dared defy them. Charging through any offensive faced, they were successful as they eventually reached the World Tree. As Archimonde traversed the tree and began siphoning the power contained within, Lahrein felt an odd disturbance. As she watched the wisps gracefully gather, she knew something was wrong. Creating a portal instantly, she stepped through, and left this world. Shortly after her departure, the wisps followed the will of the Horn of Cenarius, as they devoured Archimonde, the Defiler.

    Unscaved from the venture to Azeroth, she returned back to Argus, to follow under a new leader: Kil'jaeden. He further sent her to the renamed world of Outland, as they were able to open the Dark Portal. Realising that some Draenei had survived the massacre, she was filled with an even more burning desire to end them. As the demons flooded into Azeroth under her and Doom Lord Kazzak's command, their advancement was inevitably halted. As they were pushed back through the Stair of Destiny, her forces remained in a stalemate against the Alliance and Horde. She continued to share leadership with Kazzak follwing this event, until his inevitable death came. She left the region of Hellfire, venturing to the shattered Netherstorm. Here, she assisted the Blood Elves with their dealings with the Legion.

    Following the revival of their prince, Lahrein accompanied them as they left for the Isle of Quel'Danas. The process had begun to bring Kil'jaeden to Azeroth, and she oversaw this with the rest of the higher officials of the Legion. With the Shattered Sun Offensive's attack on them, she faught them, tearing them apart with her spells. Yet, they efforts were in vain, as they were pushed back further. As the summoning of her master was ended, she left the Sunwell swiftly, abandoning those that she fought beside.

    Now, back upon her homeworld of Argus, she has remained ever since. She spends her time exercising her dark arts, as well as doing her duty, serving under her master: Kil'jaeden. As of late though, she has been seen travelling to unknown locations. Her whereabouts go unknown from time to time, as she uses her magic to adopt a guise of a female Draenei. Wearing an illusion of an anchorite's regalia, she hides her true agenda, and her true identity. Behind this false facade, she continues to do what she takes pleasure in: manipulation, deciet, and murder.
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    "reflects the darker side of the Legion"
    Aren't they all dark? xP
    Gonna be interesting to see the bio.

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    I like it up to now, even though there's no biography.

    Reminds me of the succubis I made that never got off :/. Whenever I can get time I'll surely check this one's progress out.

    Also, glad you're back, Elyaan, sorry I have to be away when you returned Computer busted up.
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    Thanks. I read, and hopefully we won't see you too little.

    Also, added a large portion of the Biography. Still more to come though.

    Lastly, Telcular, they are, but I needed her to sound a little more dark and sinister.

    Edit: Biography is done.
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    Ooooh, it's amazing Elyaan! Love it, was a good read ^^

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