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    I think the 4pc only "supresses" movement impairing effects for 4 seconds, it doesnt remove them

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    right now we're fine as long as we successfully kite someone but as soon as they catch up and snares us, we're usually dead so 4p sure won't remove them, but the temporary "suppression" of snare effects added to b&s speed boost will allow us to make sure we're actually able to put some distance with melees and give us the little time we need to get out of los or heal ourselves a bit before melees catch up to us again.

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    You're assuming they don't wait for seconds before dispelling. That's all they have to do. You'll more than likely be dead before the CD is over before you can be immune again. Too many classes have gap closers, and the distance you create for yourself will be quickly negated.

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    while they will definitely try to dispell the 30k pw: s, i doubt they'll waste their gcd dispelling a 4s buff. i'm aware of the fact that it may not always make a difference as to how things are happening on live but you didn't expect them to make priests as difficult (impossible?) to snare as druids are, did you?

    not that i would mind though...

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    Trying to work out the best spec to go for 4.0.6. is proving to be interesting...

    At the moment I do pvp as holy just because in 5's I spend more time in angel form than in my undead female...In 2's/3's/TB - The major problem i have with holy.... Mana regen. The extra CC with chastise is very handy for getting rogues/warriors/feral druids off you (which until 4.0.6) is really hard because of the ways they have to avoid/immune our fear (and you can't really class MC as a CC when you are being attacked.

    I'm very excited for the disc changes, the concern I see is over having to cover our other stats... Having to get 5% hit and 195 spell pen as disc will mean sacrificing spirit and possible haste/crit/mastery stats.

    The cloak covers you for spell pen so that is fine.

    To get one point into twisted faith to get hit capped prevents you from getting divine fury/empowered healing and inspiration.

    If you choose to not get twisted faith that involves using hit pieces and gemming/reforging for hit which in itself is painful.

    So i'm not entirely sure what we can do in this situation. The inner focus change alone makes disc very exciting next patch
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    I'm of the opinion that holy for 3s, 5s and rated bgs, disc for 2s. Personally I think GS is a much better CD than PS, body & soul just gives you much better mobility, you can now remove 3 of the 4 possible debuffs (allbeit poisons on yourself only), shorter PoM CD makes up for weaker PW:S and holy can heal mutilple targets much more effectively... however for whatever reason the priest community feel if you pvp you just have to be disc.

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    I'm shocked nobody in here mentioned the pure awesomeness of a lightwell.
    Being able to heal yourself by 7k the tick and usable while silenced/stunned is the thing about holy.

    But playing 2.2k I must admit Holy sucks.
    Yes, it gives you CC, the dmg due to Chakra is also nice.
    But you go oom as fuck.
    If you are not the target (trust me, you rarely are), you loose.
    You just go oom in a minute or two.

    Disc on the other side has the manaefficiency.
    I don't know why, but I feel Disc is just the way for 2s/3s and Holy for 3s due to mana.

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