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    General Hunter Info

    After reading through a few places, I compiled anything we hunters might need to know. This post is a compilation from various forums but at the same time this post is not meant be detailed. As such will refer to more detailed post on the subject, so sorry if there are typos or incorrect information. If you have anything to provide please post!

    General Information:
    • Focus regenerates naturally at a basic amount of 4 Focus per second (FPS); this value is increased by haste
    • Hunter can also regenerate 14 Focus per hit by casting Steady Shot/Cobra Shot.
    • Mail Specialization - Increases your Agility by 5% while wearing Mail in all armor slots.
    • The GCD is 1s
    • All ferocity/cunning/tenacity pets do the same dps as other pets in that category (I.e a ferocity cat does the same as a ferocity monkey, but not a tenacity/cunning turtle).
    • Hunter pets can provide all the raid buffs and debuffs (not at once).

    We can have up to 20 pets in our table, and carry 4 pets with us at 80. Only one at a time and are summoned with Call Pet. With 50 stable slots coming in 5.3.

    Hunter Stat Conversion:

    340 Hit Rating = 1% Hit
    340 Expertise Rating = 1% Expertise
    600 Crit Rating = 1% Crit
    425 Haste Rating = 1% Haste
    600 Mastery Rating = 1 Mastery
    1 Agility = 2 AP
    1259.518 Agility = 1% crit
    1 Agil = .476 Crit Rating

    Hunter Stat Conversion to Pet:

    100% of hunter armor
    100% of hunter AP
    70% of hunter stamina
    100% of hunter expertise
    100% of hunter hit
    100% of hunter melee haste
    100% of hunter crit
    125% of hunter focus regen

    Helpful Sites

    Female Dwarf Hunter Simulator
    Petopia Pet Guide
    Warcraft Hunters Union
    MMO Champion Raid Comp (to determine which pet to bring)

    Edited the OP and updated the information for 5.2.
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    Looks good over all, except for the attack speed buff in the buff list: All buffs that increase melee haste now increase melee and ranged attack speeds by 10%, not haste. Improved Icy Talons, Windfury totem, Hunting Party are the buffs in question; someone commented that a 20% haste buff was too good to be true, since haste will increase resource regeneration rates in Cataclysm, and Ghostcrawler agreed. And the Replenishment that Hunting Party currently gives on live has been given to Resto druids on the PTR and beta.
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    =] Awesome, will read it soon.

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    This is a great compilation This should be stickied imo.

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    Hit rating cap is 248 in 4.0.1, not 263.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moyotoshi View Post
    Hit rating cap is 248 in 4.0.1, not 263.
    Looking at my character in beta it looks like 246 Hit Rating = 8%

    Thanks for pointing that out.

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    Huh. On PTR, I have 8.06% hit with 248 hit rating. That equates to 0.0325 per point of Hit. 246 would equal 7.995 (probably rounded up to 8).

    Guess you're right, not a huge difference, but certainly worth knowing.

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    This also contains some good information

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    Is Blizzard going to address the hunter dodge issue? Aspect of the dragonhawk had 18% dodge on it, that's gone, so on the beta my 85 hunter has about 0.11% dodge with something like 3000 agility.

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    Wow, thanks a ton for posting this. It's perfect. Added to my favorite. Ready for tuesday! Happy hunting!

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    why wouldnt this

    be better for BM? more focus = more time above the 50% focus mark where wild hunt kicks in. i get that haste is better now than it was but from what i've seen its still pretty far down the priority list.

    just wondering, idrc as i took a break from raidering already. until cata drops my time will be spent screwing around in AV grinding out the last 20k HKs i need with something like this

    and a chimera specced like

    should be good for lulz in any AV that turns into a choke point turtle. ranged AOE spam from me and the chimera ftw .

    oh and i need a rhino too so i can camp the middle of eots waiting for those dbag ele shamans so i can return the knockback favor .

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    Thanks for this, will read it after lunch. I was worried about being kinda lost after the patch, mostly due to the fact I am not on beta and my PTR client got fucked and wanted me to DL the whole 16gb again so I ingored it either.

    Should be stickied for the time being.
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    wow that was alot information about huntards xD

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    Is SIlencing Shot on the GCD now?

    Because unless I'm mistaken, it was a dps increase to grab it before now, and simply macro it to everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myzou View Post
    Is SIlencing Shot on the GCD now?

    Because unless I'm mistaken, it was a dps increase to grab it before now, and simply macro it to everything.
    From a pve pov it doesnt really matter since it no longer deals damage.

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    Excellent post, sticky imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kangodo View Post
    It doesn't do damage anymore, but it still stops the boss/mob from hurting the tank.
    This has nothing to do with macroing Silencing shot into your other shots.

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    What do you think will be the best glyphs for each spec?

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    Depending on your spec, MM priority will change a bit. There is no Chim-SrS anymore, so if you use chimera, it's not necessary to apply srs before. However, if you use a serpent + arcane spec without chimera, then I suppose feel free to cast it first. I am talking about completely not using chimera, and probably speccing into imp serpent. Unlikely that trading it will be worth it, but its an idea to test out in the future.

    buuut in general that priority makes no mention of imp steady which is actually very important to keep up

    Glyphs need to be updated; arcane is 12% damage ( dont think it needs serpent too), steady doesnt require serpent, serpent is +6% crit chance, rest looks fine

    mastery is strange- for bm i think its effect is severely diminished right now, but for mm and sv it is quite worth it. you may want to include the small tidbit that reforging will always be 40% of a stat to another, so you can plan ahead

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    Since Arcane Shot doesn't benefit from it even with glyphs, Chimera Shot doesn't benefit from it at all, Serpent Sting is no longer tied to your damage the way it was in WotLK.

    Unless you're Survival, in which case it's worth a fantastic 10% overall damage increase. Keep it up at all times.

    As for glyphs, my choices are:

    Kill Shot (all specs)
    Arcane Shot (all specs)
    Kill Command/Steady/Explosive (BM/MM/SV)

    Disengage (all specs)
    Bestial Wrath (BM)
    Whatever you feel like, the rest are lame

    Feign (all specs)
    Mend Pet (all specs)
    Whatever you feel like

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