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    The BA buff will only balance the CA nerf.

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    Minor updates, hope to get things more up to date with 4.1. ;S

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    Under "Enchants" you listed +15 stats as being the best available Chest enchant.
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    Was reading trying to figure out the stat values, I've also checked mrrobot but I'm not sure if it's accurate. Ideally it says Haste>Crit>Mastery, with Haste being a decent chunk infront of Crit. Thing is, is there a point where you have too much haste? Like I know survival only wants a certain amount and after that it loses a lot of value. Is it the same for BM or am I safe to put Haste on everything and Crit where I can't put Haste?

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    Are there big dps differences between using CS, KS or Rapid Fire glyph as the third glyph?

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    I cleaned up the OP - got rid of a lot of the outdated, redundant info (but kept the useful general stuff) and linked to the spec specific threads, since they all contain gemming/gear info. Hope that's alright with you Asuras.

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    Question for a new hunter.

    In the game today, what spec is doing the best dps in 10 man raids?

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    Depends on what your group needs but most of the time it will be Survival + pet providing a buff/debuff your missing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asuras View Post
    Depends on what your group needs but most of the time it will be Survival + pet providing a buff/debuff your missing.
    I don't want to rely on Simcraft and stuff too much, but I thought survival did the least damage of the three specs?

    Or do you say that as a general answer, in terms of kiting capabilities and AoE-damage?
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    In a 10 man environment it's best to try to bring the buff that's missing.

    BM - 3% extra damage (arcane mages/ret pallies)
    SV - 10% extra attack speed (frost DK/shaman)
    MM - 10% extra attack power (blood DK/paladin/enhance shaman)

    Each of those buffs is significant and should be present if at all possible. This is of course assuming you can play all 3 specs with roughly equal skill. A lot of people can't do that, and find themselves simply unable to pull proper numbers with one or more specs. In such cases, I say stick to what you can play. The theoretical dps hierarchy is: MM>BM>SV, under optimal conditions. MM suffers the most from movement, though even then it's typically still the highest. BM suffers from target switching (pet travel time), which is why lots of players prefer SV over it.
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    This is a great compilation This should be stickied imo.

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    I'm sorry if someone's already asked this somewhere else, but can someone put together a list of trinkets, from Heroic DS all the way to normal FL, of which trinkets are stronger than others? I noticed that most other class forums had a list like this, and I think it'd be really helpful if someone could make one for hunters. Pleasssssssssssse? :3

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    For Survival in T13 tier only.

    LFR: Wrath of Unchaining
    LFR: Vial of Shadows
    DSN: Wrath of Unchaining
    DSN: Vial of Shadows
    DSH: Wrath of Unchaining
    DSH: Vial of Shadows

    LFR: Look for Raid, DSN: Dragon Soul Normal Modes, DSH: Dragon Soul Heroic Modes

    That's what I'm going by for BIS trinkets on the SV spec.

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    Hi, extremely silly question, do we benefit at all from Arcane Brilliance? Like our Explosive Shots, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by timoseewho View Post
    Hi, extremely silly question, do we benefit at all from Arcane Brilliance? Like our Explosive Shots, etc.
    No, our shots don't scale with spell power.
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    Ok - maybe a bit of a long shot because hunters have never been top choice for PvP, but does anyone have a good PvP guide handy? My guild is cutting back on raids so I thought I'd try PvP to give me something to do.

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    Simple question. - Starcatcher (raid finder)
    or - arrow of time.

    I'm not that good with mechanics or math and whatever, but I know that the starcatcher has a longer ICD and it has a lower chance to proc, hence the question!

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