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    Red face Hero 108 open beta & gameplay vids

    Hey folkies,

    Nilesling here with a quick and fun thread.

    You guys heard of Hero 108? It's been out for a while as I understand it. It's a new MMORPG from Cartoon Network. My friend Pandamonium and myself have been playing it and upping gameplay videos to Machinima Realm (I'll link em in a sec) so you should check 'em out if you're interested.

    And yeah like I said it's open beta, free to sign up and play, and we really did have a great time playing! And are continuing to do so in fact...

    You can go take a look and sign up here: http://www.hero108online.com/

    Opinions? I personally am really enjoying it! Graphics make my comic-book-addled brain rejoice!

    Here's the gameplay vids of levels 1-10:

    Hope ya enjoy and that this thread finds you well!

    Apologies for this out of date signature!

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    You make it sound interesting. I kind of want to try it now.
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    this is a kid show meant for people under 12

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