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    Seems does not work in Google Chrome. It has some odd stuff at the top, then the class bar at the bottom with the v1.0 talent trees. Works fine in Firefox on the same computer.

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    Works for me in Chrome 6.0.472.63. No bugs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ugadin View Post
    Seems does not work in Google Chrome. It has some odd stuff at the top, then the class bar at the bottom with the v1.0 talent trees. Works fine in Firefox on the same computer.
    But but I like chrome!
    I ditched IE for Chrome...
    Please fix this

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    bug: It seems you can't reset the prime glyphs with the lil' red X (using firefox)
    bug2: it seems "Aggresion" (feral druid talent skill) has "requires shadowform"...wut? :3
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    So hoarding all the glyphs isn't such a good idea after all... Gotta clean the bank!

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    Some things I noticed on
    -Feral Druids only show the bear form mastery and not the cat form mastery.
    -The glyph frame is stuck anchored to the top page, so that only the last few glyphs are showing up. This seems to just be an issue on Google Chrome, as everything works fine with the glyphs on Firefox.
    -It totally owns the old one.

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    One bug is that if you click on "About" on the bottom of the page, it just reloads the page.

    Secondly in the shadowtree, the talent "Darkness" seems to be bugged due to the fact it hasn't got an icon.

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    On mages if you select a bunch of talents, and you press "show summary" and you press "fire", you loose all the talents but the glyphs maintains.

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    doesn't work in webkit in general, which effects chrome, safari, iphone.

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    I feel dumb, F5 is my friend.

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    Ugadin, seems to work fine in my Google Chrome.

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    Selecting glyphs does not save them in the url for future linking. Or at least, it doesn't for Feral, the only thing I've gone through and selected things for :\

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    Quote Originally Posted by Longview View Post
    There are probably a few remaining bugs, feel free to report them in comments. (PS: Using Internet Explorer 7 is a bug on your side.)

    Using IE in general is a bug. =P

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    This really is a very tiny issue, but seeing all the paladin minor glyphs are nothing but buff mana cost reductions makes me a sad panada. :S

    Oh, and that there are no really special, mechanic-changing glyphs either.

    But hey, I'm a paladin, and I whine and moan.

    It's what I do.

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    Are people using an old version of Chrome? Mine works fine.

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    Good work on the talent tree upgrade!

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    "it's not like it's going to happen on october 19th a few days before Blizzcon. "

    Why not? Its not like any of the people implementing the patch are the people going to blizzcon.

    The patch on the PTR is still loaded with bugs. Of course when did that ever stop the slowpokes.

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    does this mean that pre-cata event will come out the 12th? or will it be added later on?

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    Currently using the Chrome version 6.0.472.63 and the page is basically unreadable and i'm not sure why.

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    glyph of raise dead increases strength and stamina of your ghoul now? Hope they put another minor glyph in to replace the old one cause not having to use regents was REALLY helpful.

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