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    I love Boubouille's "recap" posts right before a patch so we don't have to dig for anything. Many thanks to the boob-oil for being awesome.

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    wowtal does not work on firefox, internet explorer, or google chrome.

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    Also, if you're visiting the site, make sure you do an Ctrl + F5 to hard refresh it.
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  4. #44 needs line breaks on the talent descriptions and when you click the X for Prime Glyphs, they don't clear, I'm using the latest version of Firefox on Vista. Other than that, it's a much improved interface!
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    OoooOOooo, Mmo Report

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    Small issue in Firefox: I just loaded the Warlock talents and picked Affliction. Some of the tier 2 talents (Soul Siphon & Jinx) seem to be greyed out even when picked, but after putting points in and taking out a few times, one of them turned colored finally. After re-loading the page and re-picking Affliction, they seemed to color correctly, but when I pulled points out of them they didn't re-grey.

    EDIT: Nvm on the part I deleted.
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    I personally prefer the WoWhead talent calculator myself; it just updates a little later usually.

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    As people has stated before
    Google Chrome cannot open Wowtal properly even after clearing Cache
    But checking in Firefox is good

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    BagofChips, what version of Firefox are you using? Is working just fine for me on Firefox for Vista x84.

    WoWtal, Holy Pally, Protector of the Innocent, "Casting a targeted heal on any target, including yourself, also heals you for 0." Shouldn't that be 1241-1427 Rank 1, 2482-2854 Rank 2, and 3722-4282 Rank 3? At least that is what WoW Talents build 13117 for Droid is showing. I realize Sparkles has since been changed, but I don't see the amount healed changing to 0.

    Thanks Boub for the update.

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    Top browser market share:

    Internet Explorer: 59.65%
    Firefox: 22.96%
    Chrome: 7.98%
    Safari: 5.27%
    Opera: 2.39%
    Other: 1.75%

    Yea you're right, not properly supporting IE is probably the best idea

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    Still no major shadowpriest pve glyphs? shrug...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mosc View Post
    Top browser market share:

    Internet Explorer: 59.65%
    Firefox: 22.96%
    Chrome: 7.98%
    Safari: 5.27%
    Opera: 2.39%
    Other: 1.75%

    Yea you're right, not properly supporting IE is probably the best idea
    You're doing it wrong if you're using an outdated version of IE. Say, version 7.
    8 Is out. They should be using that.

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    No more Quick Decay Glyph, that sucks.

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    Works fine on my iPhone aka safari

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    I dont think the Paladin talent calculator is updated. I remeber reading that they were going to either remove Divinity or move it farther down the Prot tree. but there it still is in the top tier. And I remember reading a change abought daybreak, But it still reads the same.

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    Looks like they completely ignored shadowpriests ... again.

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    There is no reason to delay it any further, they aren't even testing anything on the PTR anymore(the FEEDBACK buttons have been removed). Arena season ends on the 12th. It's going live this week.

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    Chrome > All.

    I hope that it will be delayed .... i hate the new id system.

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    Anyone have ANY idea why the mmo-report won't play for me? It's not any kind of ad or script blocking, I try it in a fresh copy of IE9 (bleh) and it still doesn't load. I have no clue.

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    Boubille, I hope you can get confirmation, because the next available patch drop days are november 2 and 9 (or was it 9 and 15?).
    Worgoblin makes a good point, but it could be that blizzard is just going to surprise us.

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