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    I assume that all these news relate to US patch day. Blizzard has introduced 1-week delay last major patch between US and EU, any indication this will be the case this time?

    I would definitely appreciate if they clean the mess up in US so EU can get it nice and smooth week later. Not like there is any hurry, unless you like broken game and LOLs on every corner due to absurdities that introduction of Cataclysm game updates create in WOTLK environment.

    And I definitely want to level up my mage before 4.0.1 totally destroy frost as leveling spec.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Longview View Post
    There are probably a few remaining bugs, feel free to report them in comments.
    *BUG*: In the priest talent tree (holy) on, it shows that Holy Word: Chastise requires Shadowform.

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    In game glyphs (for mages at least) seem to be divided (into Prime, Major, Minor) in a different fashion. Many of them such as Frostbolt and Frostfire bolt have been placed under Major and not Prime.

    The confusion is not limited to just Prime, but throughout including both Major and Minor glyphs as well.

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