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    College Football - Nebraska Cornhuskers
    Professional Football - Minnesota Vikings
    Basketball - Boston Celtics

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    I used to follow football back when i was kid, but now.... neh.

    But i do love it whenever Liverpool loses though, fills my heart with warmth.
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    For Divegrass I really don't have a team...

    I guess I could be a supporter of the Vancouver Whitecaps because of where I live.

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    I enjoy football because of its complexity and don't feel most other sports can compare. But I'm most definitely biased from high school.

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    Football: Glasgow Rangers, Bristol City, Scotland (incidentally, it's played with your feet, ergo THAT'S football not "soccer")
    Baseball: New York Yankees (and can manage better than Girardi!)
    Ice Hockey: New York Rangers

    Also watch Golf & Rugby when it's on
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